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Small glories, recollected: laundry. Always the laundry. You might be in your late twenties but manage to finally do the laundry will always be a small victory. For decluttering my desk at work. I am one of those people who will always have 'artsy' desk. Post-it notes everywhere, paperwork, documents, pens, ruler, and other necessary things all around. Kathyrn and I sitting next to each other for the current project that we are working on at the moment, so that also means our desk are filled with snacks as well. Paying tax. It's not a good news for my bank account, but it does feel good to get it out of the list to do. I don't have to think about it anymore until next year. Sending the email that I'm supposed to send to Jess, and finally talking on the phone with her. It's like scratching your personal to-do list, which oddly makes me feel so productive on Saturday. 

I took a time to sit in the little corner of my balcony, just a slight away from the sun rays drop on Saturday afternoon to write all these things. Everything feels like in a flash in the past three weeks since we came back from Manila. I still have that little smile on my face whenever I read the Palau pledge stamp on our passport - which every visitor of Palau will have to sign the pledge. Sometimes the world feels like moving too fast but at the same time, you don't feel it's spinning at all. I decided to lay low on Saturday and spent almost the whole day watching tv shows on the sofa. I might not be a tech enthusiast or a tech-savvy, but thank god for food delivery app that also delivers coffee! What's better than sitting on your chair over the weekend and get food and ice caramel macchiato delivered to your door? One thing about being in Asia is there's always somewhere open for 24 hours. And that falls under small winning category in my book.

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  1. caramel macchiato delivered to your doorstep!? That sounds magnificent. I like the picture you painted in this post... I think I can wholeheartedly agree. These 'chores' do add to that full adulting-experience.


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