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In the middle of everything, I found March to be so much fun. We'll be flying off for another shoot in two weeks time and it's not an exaggeration that a lot of work needs to be done. I feel like we're back to two years ago. The hours were long but at the same time, we had the most fun. That's how I also realized how different it is being in your early 20's and late 20's though it's just by a few years. Sugar hangover in your late 20's is no joke. And when you think you can go on with 2 hours sleep for 3 days in a row like you did for a year two years before, you can't be proven any more wrong.

It felt like everything's falling into place. Our team feels complete now. Kath arrived in early March and despite the pouring rain, after we dragged her Overboard drybags on the pavement, she demanded a drink straight away. She was jetlag but her need for alcohol beat her sleepiness if there was any. It always seems to rain heavily whenever she comes for the first day. Just like when she came last year on New Year's Eve. That didn't stop us from dancing under the fireworks in the midst of heavy rain. She, under her broken umbrella, and me - under my blue-silver round relatively new umbrella. It was cold and crowded as you could imagine but we were the last few standings from the outdoor stage. Being in a foreign country is kinda magic. It's like there's this energy in your spine that makes you keep going through the night. You only found out you're no longer 25 when you wake up the next day with a headache.

Adam arrived the week before, and just a couple of weeks before him of course, Elizabeth and I were already on the roll. Charles hasn't been around for most of the time, but we honored him by putting his name on our team name on our quiz night. Just by a couple of weeks being in town, Adam has already established an idea that I'm a party animal and Kath is an alcoholic. Just because it seems that we're always the one who plan and organize our schedule. There are always things to do in every week. Now that I think about it, maybe he's right. I keep thinking the harder I work, the more I'd like to enjoy life. And they are indeed such a good time.

If I'd had to put the tab for March, the first Friday of March would be lo hei lunch with colleagues. Just after work, Elizabeth brought me along to the dinner that she was invited to. The following Saturday Kath and I met Cassy over coffee and bike ride along the east park. In that week we met and went out, always bringing a bunch of people with us for 5 days in a row - without fail. Last Wednesday just a little bit after 8 pm we dragged Adam and Elizabeth from their respective work and went for truffle fries night. Friday, Adam and Kei came to the riverside bar to meet us. St. Patrick's day celebration apparently was happening. Our nachos and truffle fries night ended at 4 am.

Saturday was Mediterranean dinner night. Monday was for quiz night. I sent out a message in our group chat around 2 pm, asking all the 10 of us to turn off our computer and report to the meeting point at 7 pm where Josh would already wait with his cool car (that's what we call his car). To my surprise, everyone was obliged with the timing that I set up. Kath already made a reservation in this Irish pub. Kei was already there by the time we reached the location. I'm bad at quiz and Elizabeth is a total ace. We lost the points on Bus Stick category because we were second-guessing ourselves. It's all or nothing round and we decided to play safe when at the end, we found out that actually, we got all the answers right.

I keep this March 2018 itinerary on my calendar. Because you know that feeling when you feel a moment so good but you know that it only can last for so long so you try to soak it all in as long as you can before it's slipping through your finger? I want to remember this. Something about when you have a bad day and think this is hard, life is hard but damn I have a good time.

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  1. I love, love the ending of this post. I think it's so important to, in the midst of the hard trials life throws at you, become aware of the things and people (!!) that make it so magical and good.


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