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The Season Changing

On Saturday morning, before 9.30 am I got my first Chinese New Year gift box. They're filled with Taiwanese mandarins and I must say they are delicious. I noticed the changing of the season. Once Christmas and New Year passed, the celebration continues with CNY. There are big and small dog lanterns everywhere. A huge red rooster that was placed at the intersection at Chinatown now has been replaced with a family of dogs. In the morning, on my way to the office, long queues in front of bakkwa stores will already be started before 8 am. Tangerines plants in big pots and celosia plume decorate every corner of shops. They describe celosia plume as phoenix's tail look-like, but honestly, I can't see them that way at all. Not that I've seen a real phoenix tail.

We've got less rain in the past few weeks. I don't want to part yet with the rainy season. The wind still blows generously outside. I stayed at home over the weekend, spending time savoring the little moments, and that was how I noticed how the wind shook the trees and branches. As the dry and yellow leaves floating all over us and landed on my just-being-cleaned balcony floor, we sipped ice cokes and ate chocolate cereals at 3 pm. Sometimes, home feels more like a transit hotel. My swamp boots standing on top of the shoe rack. Finally, there's a smell of fresh laundry. The fridge has been restocked and bedsheet has been changed. It finally feels like we've entered a new chapter. A turning page. The season is changing and maybe so are we. 

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