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2017 Time Capsule

In the past two years, a lot of new chapters have been written in my book. I've bid farewells to some parts of my life - both to people and stories. I said goodbye, I packed my bags yet again. I grew apart with some friends that used to be close to me because our lives happened. I gained new friends from places that I never expected. I left the 3-bedroom apartment that was our home for a year, where a lot of Sunday dinners hosted and friends and family had been spent time in. I shifted to a new job. I went back home. I took some time off and after 7 months of hiatus, with a job offer came my way, I decided to get back to tv. I packed yet another bag again. I got a new post code and a haircut. I started to build a home again. 

January - I signed a contract back to tv life. I was excited but also nervous at the same time. My colleagues from my freelance job got me a farewell party month. Almost every single night after working hour, they always took me out someplace to do something. I couldn't be more grateful for some colleagues turned best friends that I met from this project. 

February - I started working on my first tv show come back. I met with a lot of people that I worked with before. And I worked with the Series Producer that I adored too in this particular project. We had a lot of fun working on the project despite all the obstacles that we faced. 

March - My friends came to visit. My home hosted them for the first time. We put the mattress in the living room just like we used to do when we had a sleepover while we're still in university. Watching Walking Dead and drinking hot chocolate with the sliding doors wide open to the balcony. March was also the month for lots of location scout! I love location scout. Elizabeth and I were sent overseas for it. We rode a ferry, wooden boat, cars, ATV, you name it. We went to places we've never been before, and while the scout was so ambitious due to the tight schedule and we literally working non-stop, we had so much fun that it didn't feel like work. I learned new things from Elizabeth too.  

April - A lot of final recces! This is also the month when the shoot of the first episode of the series that we're working on started. I remember I felt the adrenaline that I hadn't felt in a long time the morning before the shoot started. We played tourist again for a day. Hopping in and out the bus tour. 

May - May was in Malaysia. Despite the shoot that still going on at the time, I found myself finding better work-life balance. Which, if you work in the media industry, is almost non-existent. I learned to find my balance. I spent a lot of time on my balcony writing for work. The very same balcony where we have a lot of lunch and coffee time whenever we're home. 

June - Kath came to Singapore. So Lini and I went and took her out for a drink. Work got busier. A lot of feel-good food lunch with Elizabeth and also Koi time at 4 pm. I turned 28 one day, and I got a lot of cakes from my colleagues. Shay organized a fancy dinner one night, and we ended up wide awake until the sun went up! We were in Indonesia and Vietnam for the filming and had a very interesting airport experience. 

July - Another travel to another country. The last batch of filming from the series that I was working on. I grew professionally. I took two weeks off. I went to visit my family and spent time with my friends. We went up hiking that I almost forgot the first time that you feel yourself at such altitude. Friends birthday parties.

August - I started some new exciting projects. One of it was a project that coincidentally something that I would like to do. I never knew that the opportunity would come just like that. One keyword: Kiribati. 

September - Started a new big project development. It was a quite scary and exciting at the same time. Strangely, I felt so energized by this time. Like I was ready to embark a new thing. And I also remember being scared shit to be given a bigger responsibility. 

October - I made changes in the house. Bought some new plants and somehow, the place felt like mine even more. Late night tv show marathon. Gilmore Girls and New Girls re-run on the bed. Lunches with friends outside work circle. Bowling night for Halloween party. 

November - Working with new people. I've learned a lot from the people that I met. Lots of music night with friends with all the 90's-2000's pop songs on repeat because we're feeling nostalgic. 

December - Starting to feel the holiday mood. Attending workshops. Long lunches and dinners. Lying on the mat and fell asleep under the breeze of jacaranda trees. New Year's Eve spent at Esplanade. With fireworks and a live band - all under the roaring rain all day and night long. We danced with our umbrellas under the falling rain at 1 am in the morning to the music the band was playing. Went back home, watched The Florida Project around 3 am, went to sleep around 6, and by 12 pm on the first day of January, we fed ourselves a late brunch. 

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  1. What a year you had! Excited for you and what come's next. Happy 2018!


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