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Into The Unknown

Two months ago when I found out that I will be assigned to this particular project that I'm working on right now, I tried to prepare myself mentally of what's to be expected. For the most part of it, I managed to keep my calm and move forward with it. I always knew that the project will be big, but on Friday, I had a panic attack that I just kept on laughing to myself. Somehow, the closer we're getting to it, the more I feel that this project is bigger than myself, bigger than what I've predicted before. 

The truth is, I get scared to walk into the unknown. I've never done something like this before, and there's just so many things that I don't have the answer for - and for that I feel like my heart got chickened out. I tell my self that there will be times in your life where you'll feel stomach ache for weeks or months, thinking how you hope that this will pass anytime soon. There will be times in your life when you feel helpless, and it feels like everything is out of your control - and you will make mistakes, and that's okay. And I'm going through one of those times now. 

When I met my friends on Saturday for late lunch, coffee and movie, they kept telling me that I can do it. There's nothing that I need to worry about, because at the end of it, I will learn a lot more from what I'd been through. "This will pass, and what the worst can be?", both of my friends said. This will pass, and what the worst can be. Their words are so true. This unknown territory will pass. And no matter what the outcome might be, I would know that I would have done my best. And hopefully, a year from now when this project finally ends, I can always laugh about it and think "been there, done that, survived".


  1. You're friends are right! But of course you will still feel anxiety but that's ok too ;)

    Wishing you the very best of luck and hang in there. It always gets better.

    1. So right. My EP told me it would be weird not to be afraid when you're doing something unknown and strange in your life.

  2. Any time you take a risk is an opportunity! Sometimes it's hard for it to feel like enough in the moment, but it almost always turns out for the best, whether or not it was in a way you predicted. Good luck with this project! A step at a time is what I always tell myself :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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