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Palm Tree + Beach

Because 50 Cents playlist under the palm tree over the weekend is the way off to Monday

This week, we talked about what we've done so far this year, and I still can't believe that 7 out of 8 months in this year so far, I spent it working on a travel show that we just finished the filming process 1 month and 3 days ago. It seems like forever but at the same time also feel like a blink of an eye. I started to read The Art Of War, that I take very slowly because I feel like I need to read each page twice or three times to understand it. We managed to get our feet on the beach over the weekend and left our phones at home. I detoxed the house by clearing half of my closet and getting rid of the unnecessary stuff that fills in every drawer, tv console, bookshelf and the bedside table. I think I successfully had a productive week. 

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