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Golden + Light

We marched on the top of the building at the very end of the trip. The sky was marching towards the sunset, and the light that fell upon the water down below was golden. There's a bougainvillea tree on the side and I don't think I've ever seen a bougainvillea tree so beautiful before. We climbed up higher and faced the open sea below us. The breeze was kind and we both were sober. I soaked it all in, and wished that I could put this moment in a little bottle so I could carry it back with me. I sipped this air to the fullest that I think my lungs can take it. This is the taste of home. This is the taste of homecoming. I was home, and I will carry this home everywhere with me.

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  1. Love the red and gold tones in that first shot, and the way it's all amplified by thoughtful recollection 🔮🙏


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