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We walked through Paya Lebar Square across Sims Avenue on Sunday. It was 1 pm and the sun was blazing as we walked on the pedestrian walk. It was unfamiliar territory for me. I could feel my sweat dripping as we made our way to Joo Chiat Road. Around Tanjong Katong Complex, the streets were decorated with lights and banners, welcoming the fasting month. The Ramadan bazaar was huge, and the henna stalls could be seen everywhere. Women wearing hijabs were seen, and the groups of a man walking towards the mosque for afternoon prayer passing us by. And that's when that place felt somehow known. 
It was a quite Sunday along Joo Chiat Road. We barely saw anyone walking along the stretch that's filled with cafes and eating place. We kept talking about how this area is nice to live in, but not so practical if we need to get to other places if you don't have your own car. We walked pass the iconic old house row and picked a random cafe to get something to eat. We talked about the circus. We talked about the birthday party plan. We talked about work. We talked about Saturday. We talked about our hopes. We talked about what might come in the following week. We ate the cake, we drank the coffee. We decided to walk back towards the colourful old houses. The sky was cerulean blue and I felt hopeful again. It was a good day to be outside. 


  1. Those pastels in the first two shots are fantastic! 🔮🙏

  2. I'm loving the first two shots too! The buildings are gorgeous (the patterns! the colours!)! The weather has picked up in my city and I'm loving sitting outside coffee shops and reading books :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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