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EYES ON THE SEAS - I read an interesting piece on Hakai Magazine about the mysterious disappearance of a fisheries observer the other day. Fisheries observer is a person who is hired by a government body to make a report of fishing activity on the seas - including if the ship or the fishery company endangers the marine biota. I've never heard of this working field before, but this profession intrigues me. It seems to require a lot of commitment and dedication. The piece illustrates the life of a fisheries observer that is often feel like an outsider in a ship full of other human beings.

FOR FREELANCER IN NEW YORK - I was always been freelancing until in the last one and a half year. Sometimes it's hard to draw a line for a freelancer, especially working with different companies with different policies. New York apparently keeps trying to keep their freelancer law to work better. Dubbed the "Freelance Isn't Free Act", the law is hoped to have a new meaning for small businesses too.

MANAGING FINANCE - As an adult there are just so much thing that we responsible of. Including to manage our finance. I read about The Hell Yeah Group sometimes ago, and it's really open my eyes about managing finance. They provide a finance management service that can serve small business and individual. Their budget session is still open for a spot. Even if you're not sure if you should contact them or not, their mailing list is totally worth your inbox space. 

NEW ERA OF SALES 2017 - Forbes Magazine tells us to expect a new era of sales in 2017, of what they called "empowered sales". With the continuous development of technology, the sales people are driven to do a meaningful interaction.

CHINESE NEW YEAR 2017 - This year is a year of red chicken year - if you're interested in zodiac reading. If you find yourself in Singapore from around mid-January this year, you can expect Singapore celebrating Chinese New Year 2017 at its' finest. The Chinatown never seem so alive.

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  1. Very interesting article about the fisheries observer! I, too, have never given much thought to that profession but that article offers a lot of insight!

    1. I agree with you. Now I am really curious what happened to him


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