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I moved to other country by the end of April, started a new project and a new work settlement. May to July were crazy. I went back to Bali for 9 days. For one final blow. Packed up the rest of my stuff, sent most of them to my parents house and released my rent. In June I moved in to my first apartment in this country. By the end of July we wrapped the shoot for a tv show that I'm working on. A lot has happened in the past 3 months. I've been through all stages of adjustment. I learned a lot. I met new people. I grew a little bit more mature. When I came back from Philippine last week, my friend told me I came back a different person. In some ways. Life's not always easy, but it's good. It's surely good. I'm so grateful of all the things that I've been through and every single soul that I just met. They are the best teachers.


  1. It sounds like life has been crazy for you lately! Like you said, life's not always easy but it's good. And it's all the experiences we go through that make life what it is. :)

  2. Your life sounds so amazing and crazy and adventurous. From the little traveling and transitions with moving I've made, I can truly say all of those moments have helped open my mind, and all the people I've met have helped me to grow. It's a beautiful thing.

  3. sounds great. I hope you will share a few more stories of your recent adventures with us.

  4. Sounds like you are having a lot going on, Niken! How are you feeling? Do you like your new place? Cannot wait to read more from you!

  5. busy, adventurous and crazy
    but alive too
    that's how it sounds
    to me
    i hope you will sattle down a bit
    with love
    from the Netherlands
    Patrice A.

  6. Those experiences of being in other places shape us the most, I think :) I hope you could enjoy your time to the fullest despite all the adjustments. What are you up to next? How are you? We need to skype again! All 3 of us ;) I'm sending lots of hugs to you, Beate

  7. The people we meet, the things we learn from them, that's the true beauty of traveling and life, really.
    Everyone comes into your life for a reason.
    I'm sure you've heard that before.
    PS: now I wanna Skype with you. Hehe.


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