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On swollen wounded leg and crooked book pages

When I fell from the bike for the second time in one month span for the same cause last week, the first thing that passed my mind was how I hadn't felt a physical pain in such a long time like that. I've been driving motorbike since I was 16. I've only had 5 small accidents, including the last 2 that I got recently. 

I always kept my books as clean and tidy as possible. I hated even a small crook on the corner of a page. I hated it when people fold a page instead putting a bookmark or post-it to remind them where they left off. When I backpacked last month, I brought a book in my bag. Most of the time I didn't even touch it. It was buried under the cloths and shoes, and somehow forgotten until that day I sat in a bus station, waiting for our next trip to other city, feeling bored. So I dug into my bag and found the book with every crook in it's pages. 

These small events in my life that happened recently might seem to be minor. But for me they are a big reminder. A notification and emphasizement of life lessons. And because I need to remind myself about this, I decided to write it down. That when bad things strike and I were about to give up, I'll have this to read back.

That unpredictable and unexpected things happen. That life doesn't always go your way. The world doesn't always revolve around you. Until last month, if someone asked me what's this year meant to
me, I would say it's a year of trying and struggling and broken-hearted. To say these past 2 years have been hard is an understatement.

But then, I went places and met people whose stares I couldn't forget. And these things happened. These past 2 years have been hard - but again, what year hadn't? Each year that has passed surely had their own ups and downs. And I have to remind my self again that no one is really happy all the time anyway. It's not human. Those hard 2 months cannot steal away the blessing in each day of your 365 days in a year, and the good 10 months.

Life is simple and life is hard. Life is a blessing and life is a trying. Life is this and sometimes the events, incidents, cases are out of your hand. A tragedy. A destiny. No one's fault. What you have to remember is chin up and stand again. When you mess up one thing make sure that you revenge it on the other parts of your life. Revenge them to be awesome. And live your life. And shouldn't life be like a second-hand book anyway? It might look worn out and chapped - but obviously well-lived. That the crooks and chapped lines are the reminder of 'been there, done that, survived!' kind of thing.

And remember that when you walked into the production office with swollen wounded left leg and right palm last week, people started asking what happened to you and you just kept walking lightly saying "Life happened".  Bad things and unfortunate events occur sometimes, but that's okay. That's okay because your life is going on. You are moving on. You are living.


  1. I can relate to many many of these liens here, very good writing and reminders :)
    Keep it up & KInd regards (:

  2. You are brilliant...the words that you wrote here completely touched my soul. Yes you are is all sorts of ups and downs...and in-betweens. Such a moving post friend! Goodness....I will be reading it again! Take care and thank you for inspiring!!! Nicole xo

  3. I love your attitude. It's so true. Sometimes things just happen. I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt! (p.s. I don't like when people fold down book corners either)

  4. I am still on and off but every time I m here I do love the things I read and see. And this is no exception. What u wrote reminded me of one quote I often remember of. It is by Cormac McCarthy from the Road and it says 'Nobody wants to be here and nobody wants to leave.' I find it so so true. Lots of love from here xx

  5. Beautifully written, Niken! I always try to remind myself that bad things happen...but also good things. It is easy to forget about the good things! Have a great weekend! And I hope your wounds are healed! <3

    1. That's such an important thing to remember. I try and tell myself that when something bad happens, emotions always demand to be felt for a reason. I hope you're okay!

  6. When that horse bucks you off, get back on!,
    When you fall and skin your knee, you better have a bandaid handy!!
    Been there done that and life is good.
    YOU ARE ALIVE Niken!! What a great attitude.
    And, please do NOT dog ear the pages, people! (I am one strict librarian)

  7. I will NEVER ever let anyone dog ear the pages! that bugs me big time.

  8. I can relate to so much you are writing about. lovely post. as always xo

  9. life is certainly everyone all rolled up in one. hope you are healing well!

  10. Hope you are feeling better! Life is most definitely full of curve balls.

  11. 2014 had almost 15 days each month that were so so bad to mean, but still there are some good moment,there are always good light, meaningful amazing moments.
    We need to be aware of things, i guess... modern life is just made to 'distract' and at some point we don't really know what is happening in our ' real ' life...


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