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On the stranger's tide

He smelled of sun-kissed and sweat. It was apparent. It was the first thing I noticed even before I tilt up my head and see his face. Nothing really stood out. Blond hair, blue eyes, surfer tan and tattooed arms. He sat next to me, fasten his seat belt and smiled. It was a kind smile. He was about to say something to me, but decided not to. I just smiled back. He's looking through the window, occupying his mind with thoughts that I couldn't hear. And while he looked at my way, I shamelessly taking a good look on his arms.

He got a scary ugly girl with an axe and sewed neck tattooed on his left arm, among other things. I was so curious about that particular tattoo that I took a ridiculous amount of time examining it. I was about to open my mouth and asked him what it means to him. But then I noticed just as I was staring at his tattoo, he was staring at his feet with his thoughts echoing inside his head. So I looked away and held my words. It's not my first time sitting next to a stranger on a 6 hours flight. But it was my first time feeling so curious about the stranger next to me. 


  1. ohhh niken! this is so adorable!

  2. I adore this post Niken. Strangers as so interesting, everyone has their own unique stories and knowledge to share. There's nothing better than meeting a new person, or even just sitting next to a new person and having them as part of your life for a few hours :).

  3. Great observations and beautifully written, Niken! <3

  4. you didn't talk to him at all? too bad. and yes, beautifully written :)

    1. unfortunately yes. i couldn't bring myself to disturb his contemplative thoughts.

  5. Oh wow. So curious. Yet, you'll never know the answers.
    Sometimes the mystery is the best part.
    You're such a dear.

  6. Aw! You should have talked to him!
    If he didn't want to, he'd say no and you'd leave him alone. If he'd like, he would probably told you the story behind it!


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