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These past few months I feel so disencouraged to get a camera out and capture a thing. I also feel so disencouraged to write other than some writing works that I have to do. I don't think it's a bad thing. Maybe sometimes we just need to be here, in the now. Sometimes I feel like I'm not really enjoy the moment I'm in, as my mind and my eyes wandering around, observing people. 

These past few months, I've had so many flights and so many trips, I lost the count. And even between that, I got friends visiting more than I've ever had before in a year. It's been fun, adventurous, but also took some energy - as expected. I've gone to the beaches more often than I had in years last month. I've had laughed a lot, and of course there were so many sleepless nights - of works and hanging out with friends. 

And after those many trips and flight, I just came to realise that now I always go back to the same place. A place that is mine. A home that I chose to have. Another home, of course. I used to live in my parents house for 18 years of my life. And now that I've thought about it, it's been seven years and a few months for me to not live under the same roof with parents and it's been six months and a day since I've got my self a place where I put my things under the same roof, and not moving around as a nomad. I don't know how long I will stay in this place, or this city. 

But I like the idea of how I've built my home here, in this place,
with every morning coffee that I brew in my kitchen. 
It whistles home - or so I like to think.


  1. love the ending of your post. it whistles home. such a great way to feel about the place you call home. :)

  2. I read somewhere once that life truly begins when we find "our" home - the home that we make for ourselves when we leave "the nest" so-to-speak. Sounds as if that place you keep coming back to is home to you. I wish you well on your continues adventures, my friend.

  3. Thanks for all of your interest, even though you're so busy recently :) I really hope you'll go on some vacation soon or just stay home for a lil bit longer to load your batteries :)...
    Take care, enjoy your coffee and don't waste your (precious) time on thinking about the things making you feel disencouraged ;)

  4. I do not really have a steady home at the moment, i have been moving around the past few months that i feel ii don't really have a real home. I envy you so much at this point


  5. the photo is beautiful. having a place to call home is so important. even if it moves at some point, once you place roots somewhere it will always be home to you.

  6. I know that feeling! When life gets overwhelming we don't think of cameras and blog posts and writing, but it's always lurking in the back of our minds, right?
    But I think we need to take those breaks, live life and then come back and have something to talk about.
    Wow, you have been busy lately! The only thing that is important is that you're enjoying yourself and that you're happy :) I'm so glad you got so many visits from friends and I'm so so happy that you finally got to get a place you can call home. Isn't that a wonderful feeling?
    Big hug for you, Niken!

  7. Sounds like we've both had a similar past few months - the busy-ness, the visitors, the travel :) This year sure is a strange one, with it's own mind (at least that's how life has been working for me this year). Hope things will be a little more stable and normal (as can be) for you.

    Love your description of the coffee pot whistling home - made me doubt I'll think of it now when I brew my coffee each morning. Such a lovely thought, especially to start off each day!!

  8. I love this photo and I love your words! I think its important to occasionally take a break and not photograph or write a thing, but to just be. Life is so fast these days we hardly take the time to just be in the now. So dont beat yourself up about it poppet, enjoy it!


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