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When I was a kid....I was obsessed with Sailor Moon : Rima from Bolu By Rima

A while ago, while staring on some old pictures of my childhood and reminisced the good time, i thought to myself and got an idea to start a feature on the blog called "When I Was A Kid...". I asked some fellow bloggers to share their story and i'm so glad they're happy to participate. And today, we have Rima from Bolu By Rima. she's an Indonesia who has been living in US for 10 years. When i read her story of her childhood in Indonesia, i can relate to that. Because i still got that Sailor Moon show when i was a kid. And if you're a girl, you wouldn't be cool for school before you watch Sailor Moon. haha.



"Hi Niken's Readers. I'm Rima from Bolu By Rima and I was honored by Ms. N herself to do a guest post on her new segment, When I Was Kid. This is awesome. Now I'm reminiscing the good ole days. So let's get to it!

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Usagi Tsukino.


Who is Usagi Tsukino? She's this awesome lead character of the infamous Japanese Anime, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Yes, the girl in America known as Serena aka Sailor Moon. Her name in Japanese translated means Moon Bunny.

I relate to her because of her quirkiness, laziness, clumsiness, and silliness. Yet she transforms herself in to a strong girl who would fight for and protect the people she cares and loves.


Growing up in Indonesia, we were surrounded by Anime aka Japanese Cartoons. I remember vividly in 1995, when Sailor Moon came out (I was in 5th grade) on TV. I was in awe, finally having a personal childhood hero to look up to. I would come home rushing from school and immediately turn on the TV and watch Sailor Moon fight crime in Tokyo with her fellow Sailor Scouts. I laughed at her silly antics and freak outs, and I cheer when she kills the villains. And I also swoon with Sailor Moon whenever Mamoru Chiba aka Tuxedo Mask darts out a single Rose and acts all cool and such.

I even created my own Sailor Scouts (with me being Sailor Moon of course) with my 4 best friends in school and assign roles to each one of them. Every night before bed, I would reenact Sailor Moons transformation and pretend I'm her and fall asleep dreaming I'm fighting crimes in the world. And whoever was my crush at the time, obviously is my Tuxedo Mask. The only thing I was missing is having a pet cat named Luna.

Fast forward now, years later, I'd laugh at my silliness of my fantasy being Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon. Wait. I'm still thinking I'm Sailor Moon. I even tattooed a Crescent Moon on my left wrist in honor of my Childhood Hero. And I have a silhouette of Sailor Moon and a Crescent Moon on my car window. AND I'm still best friends with my own Sailor Scouts (actually they're more like my sisters now). Unfortunately I didn't end up with my old Tuxedo Mask, but I currently have my own Tuxedo Mask (who gives me roses). Instead of a pet cat named Luna, I have a pet dog named Chimmy. That works. Instead saving people's lives fighting crime in the name of the Moon, I save people's lives by taking care of them in the name of Compassion and Health Care (I'm a Nurse). That sounds legit.

Yet I'm still the Usagi Tsukino that I was before. Quirky, (not-so) Lazy (ok I hate working out and I love to sleep), Clumsy (I always accidentally bump myself or fall) and Silly (I goof around a lot).


And of course, I still and will forever protect the people that matters the most.

SOOOOOOOOO who was or still is your Childhood Hero? SHARE!

Thanks Niken."


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  1. Dude Sailor Moon rocks hahahaha I definitely have all the cartoons on DVD to watch ;) I'm such a nerd!

  2. Love this post, Rima! You made me smile a lot! It is so interesting to read about other people's childhood! Thank you so much! And Thanks Niken for the wonderful idea!

  3. so interesting to me....I have no knowledge of Sailor being exposed to new things...thank you!!

  4. Oh what a fun series! I was obsessed with Sailor Moon when I was a kid, too!

  5. I so was no into Sailor Moon. Many of my friends were and honestly I hated it! Sweet post!

  6. i was into sailor moon back then too!!
    i have the comic series, the soundtrack cassete and also like to went walk with my mom to borrowing sailor moon laserdisk from a rental near my house. God, i still can recall the feeling now even when the rental was already closed.
    it's nice to remember the old good time.
    nice post!


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