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One Of A Few People Who Don't Think I'm Crazy For Crying Over Football Match


when i 'met' Katrin for the first time and she revealed she can cry over football match as well, it was official we can bff if not soulmate. Katrin is a German who lives in US of A now with her American husband (her husband is a bassist! how cool is that?). and i'm so lucky to have her here today and telling us snippets of her life in US.


Hallo readers of Niken’s blog! I am Katrin and it is such an honor to do my first guest post ever here! It’s so exciting!I am a German girl living in the United States. I moved here because my fabulous husband David is American.


Niken is such a sweetheart and I am so happy that we found each other’s blogs. I immediately knew that we would be great friends! I mean, she loves football! How cool is that?

My blog is called “landofcandycanes” and I mostly write about my everyday life in America,  thedifferences between my two countries and my love for David, animals, books (especially crime novels), movies, music, TV shows and nature.

Today I want to tell you a little bit about my German-American life and all the things I have learned in America.

America is huge.
In Germany you can travel from south to north in not even 10 hours. The climate is almost the same no matter where you are. You can drive a couple of hours and you are in a different country. In America you have everything you could want in one country: the ocean, mountains, lots of nature, big cities, lakes, state parks, beaches.


American beer can’t compete with German beer.
I am sorry for America because Germany is the unchallenged winner here. America is great but they just can’t brew a great beer. For me it always tastes like you poured it in your glass 2 hours ago. I can’t help myself. We Germans like our beer and we are proud of it. There is no doubt that German beer is the best beer in the world.

Americans are always friendly and never impatient.
In Germany people can be really grumpy from time to time. The customer service especially is so much better in America. People always smile, they talk with you and help you when you need it. In Germany people can be really impatient. Plus it is so much easier to get to know people in America, they are very easy to talk to.

I don’t like ice in my drinks.
When I order a drink I always have to add that I want it “without ice”. I will never understand why people like that much ice in their drink. I can understand that you want ice in your water….it can’t ruin the taste of water.  But it ruins the taste of everything else.
Another thing I love about America is the fact  that you always get free refills. It’s awesome. I can drink as much as I want. You rarely see that in Germany. You have to pay for every drink, even water. And most times the drinks are really expensive so you can end up paying a lot more for your drinks than for your food.

America is not a Fuβball nation.
David wasn’t that interested in Fuβball before I met him. He loves American football, Baseball and Basketball. I have to admit that I still don’t completely understand the rules of American football. And Baseball is even worse. I have no idea what they do on the field. But Fuβball…I love it! I grew up watching it and I have never lost my passion. In Germany we have a state of exception when the World Cup or Euro Cup is going on. Everybody watches the games , the stores and streets are empty. You see flags everywhere and people are excited.

Driving an automatic car is not as easy as it seems.
I never drove an automatic car before I came to America. Most cars have a stick in Germany and I have to say that I love to drive my German car. It was really confusing for me to drive David’s car because I don’t really need my left foot and my right hand. It was very weird and I always wanted to change the gear. It took me a while to get used to it.

Germany has more holidays and vacation time.
David always tells me that Germans don’t like to work and that we are lazy because we have a lot more holidays. And more vacation time. We have 12 holidays every year plus at least 30 days of vacation time. I wish America had this too.

The nature is breath-taking.
I haven’t seen much of America yet but I am so excited about the variety of nature. We have been on a roadtrip to Colorado and Utah last summer and I have never seen anything like this before. The state parks are such beautiful places, they are definitely worth a visit.


The stores are always open in America.
You can go and buy your groceries at 3 am if you want to. Even on a Sunday. In Germany most stores close at 8 pm and they are always closed on Sundays. So if you need something outside the business hours you have to go to a gas station and pay a lot higher price.

Americans love German food.
You can find a selection of German food at almost every store here. Americans love German Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, especially when the package says it is from Bavaria. When David came to visit Germany he had a Bratwurst almost every day.

You have to be careful when you bike to the grocery store.
I always feel like I am the only person in town who rides her bike to the grocery store. Americans love to drive their huge cars and I always feel completely lost on my bike. Plus the town I live in is not very biker—friendly. They don’t have any bikeways so I always have to bike on the street. Which can be very intimidating. And not every street has a sidewalk. That’s still a little strange for me because in Germany we have sidewalks and bikeways everywhere.

I miss German bread.
You are not really able to find some great original German bread here in America. Unless you have a German bakery in your town. I really miss German bread, it has an awesome crust and tastes like heaven. I have to admit that I am not a fan of soft American bread. I might have to start baking it myself.

Thank you,Niken for giving me the wonderful opportunity to write a guest post! I am so honored and I am happy we are friends!
Auf Wiedersehen!


isn't she so so sweet? (that's a rhetorical question).
thank you again Katrin.
make sure you've bought your ticket and off you go to Candy Cane Land and visit Katrin and give her some love ;)

p.s : you can find my guest-post over her blog here.


  1. what a great little guest post. she is absolutely adorable!
    xo TJ

    1. haha, seems like it's gonna be endless comments of "no, you are!" back and forth.

  2. Except the closed stores on sunday,I'll be okay in Germany.I mean, morr holidays, great beers??? This girl will take it ;)
    What a fun guest post!

    1. closed stores on Sunday upset me too. but i think i can handle that if i ever lived in Germany

  3. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, sweetie! You rock!!!

  4. LOVE THIS. Nice to see the comparison between Germany & USA. Man, I want to visit Germany bad. And yes, I agree on German Beer. American Beer sucks. Please don't give me any Coors Light or Budlight! Yuck.

    1. the beer thing is undebatable. Germany scored!

  5. Love Katrin's blog!

    And yes Katrin, you probably are only the person in American who rides their bike to the grocery store :P

    1. no one rides bike to the grocery store too in Indonesia. at least not in the city

    2. So I guess I am the only person on the whole planet. :)

    3. well, i'll ride with you

  6. Love, love, love both of your guest posts! I totally agree with you, Katrin...I experienced the same things.
    And Niken, thank you so much for the insight into your culture! I had no idea about some of these things. It was so much fun reading it.

    Have a great day you two!

    (Hmmm, I think I'm gonna copy and paste this comment to both of your blogs because I have no idea who is going to read it where ;)

    1. thank you so much. glad you enjoy it :)

  7. So much fun to meet you both! I will go visit her!
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog the other your to take a wee peek at MORE! xox

  8. I also find it interesting to see the differences between countries. I do not think Germans are lazy for the amount of vacations and holidays they have. I wish we had that in America as well. Many jobs in America do not even give paid vacation, or they give two weeks if one is lucky.

    1. It's really unfair. 2 weeks is just not enough!


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