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so you think you've seen all places?

have you ever been to The Land of  The Pigs?
seriously. if i only have one word to describe the people in this city, here are my top 3 words :
1) pig
2) pervert
3) thug
and tell me if you know the word of those 3 words combination condition. maybe i'm judging, well, i do judge this city. the first 2 days i spent this city i got strong evidence that people are pig. for example, when i went out from my hotel and looked for some food, it's like the men starring at me in an insulting look sexually. and the other night, when i walked back to my hotel, which was only 15 minutes of walking from the city center, something horrible happened.

there were trees on the pavement side. big trees. when i walked by i didn't see that there was a man hiding behind a tree. when i passed the tree someone grabbed my hand. to my horror, i turned my head and this man who grabbed my hand was peeing. and he grabbed my hand on purpose so i looked at him. it was ugly! so i kicked him and i ran away. that man was after me which was terrorizing. but fortunately, he didn't catch me. it was the second evidence of the piggy-ness of this city.

the next day, when i was off to a meeting, just near my hotel, again, a man out of nowhere blocked my way. he talked me up which i completely ignored. i kept on walking as fast as i could. gladly, he made no hard attempt to catch me. proof number 3.

my friend from US visiting me here. and couple of days ago we went to explore the city. we went to a local market and guess. yes, the man-sellers couldn't be more pig than they already are. they are so so sick i tell you. some of them talked to me while grabbing his dick!!!and he's not trying to cover what he did. he frankly looked at me and talked to me while grabbing his dick! WHAT THE EFF???? and everyone around, even the female-sellers seemed to be okay with that insulting behavior. that's okay because i touch my vagina too when i'm talking to someone??????? glad that we have our men there. otherwise i don't know what could happen to us. 


  1. Ughhh. That is so awful. I am so sorry that you had to go through that :( Sending hugs and hopes that your next city is better!

  2. Holy heck that's discusting. Who does that?! Sheeesh that's like paranoid serial-rapist alert.

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  4. OMG, this is so scary! I was frowning the whole time. I might have died with fear and would never go out if that's the case. :/

  5. What a horrible experience - to cheer you up I have just signed up as your latest follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  6. Wait, what city is this?!?! It sounds so gross!! Sorry you had to deal with it!!

  7. OMG! that is sooo crazy!!
    hope it gets better!


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  9. my god those were so so sick!
    honestly, i was ever had kind of same experience like you before,
    and it keep me feeling like to throw up everytime i remember.


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