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Traveling Around The World : Events and Places All Over Countries That You Might Wanna Come

After I read my new 501 Must-Be-There-Events, I want to share some events that you might like. I put post-it stamp on the page of the event that I would love to attend, but after 200 pages passed, I stopped putting post-it, as I knew I would end up posted-it all pages. So here are (some of) my picks of the event and some events that I think would be intresting for you, and don't blame me if in this post the events are in Europe. I have this serious dream backpacking all around the world one day, and I always amazed by Europe. If you think USA is modern world, then I think of Europe a fairytale world. I love it's old buildings across the coutries in there and stuff. So yes. If my time to travel this world has come to me, I'll go to Europe first.

What : Ekstremsportveko
Where : Voss, Norway
When : Late June
Best For : Sport and Music

Ekstremsportveko is the largest extreme sport and music festival there is, and takes place each year in western Norway, Voss. It's a perfect plasce with beautiful lake and is surrounded by snow-topped peaks, white-water river and thick forest. So if you're a big fan of extreme sport such as rafting, free jump, etc, then Voss Ekstremsportveko is the best place for your ultimate adrenaline rush.

What : Gothenburg Book Festival
Where : The Exhibition Centre of Gothenburg, Sweden
When : September
Best For : Literature

Well, what more can I say? Book? Yes, please. Gothenburg, lies between Copenhagen and Oslo, is the Sweden's second city with history of both trade and industry. It also has large population of student, being home of Sweden's largest university and Chalmers University of technologi. Nowadays Gothenburg is a modern city, and it hosts a number of festivals each year, including this Book Festival. Enjoy reading, book signing, workshops and discussion group as well as wandering around looking what's on offer at some of the 1.000 exhibitor stands.

What : Roskilde Festival
Where : Roskilde, Denmark
When : Over 8 days (including warm up) which start late July/early August
Best for : Music

One of the by-products of declining music sales is that performers have to get up on stage and earn their money. Was founded by two students on 1971, now it's an annual awaits music festival, where you can find Ray Charles, Velvet Underground, or even Bob Dylan.'s music. Need I say more?

What : European Medieval Festival
Where : Horsens, Eastern Jutland, Denmark
When : Last Weekend in August
Best For : Music and Culture

First held in 18995, Medieval Festival was meant to spread the knowledge of the importance of the medieval period to the city of Horsens. The festival fulfilled a need in Scandinavians to re-engage with their past. Participants come from all over the world to dress up and revel in all things ancient. I always love history at school, and experience this kind of thing would be intresting.

What : FA Cup Final
Where : London, England
When : A Saturday towards the end of May
Best For : Football lovah

Absolutely yes, yes, yes. To see live the final of FA Cup game performed by best European football teams? I'm going there people!

What : Glastonbury Festival
Where : Worthy Farm near Pilton, 10 km east of Glastonbury, England
When : Around the end of June (mostly takes place each year, but not all years)
Best For : Waterproof music lover

Okay. Music. Music. Music. And Music. 3 days of music. Let's get there.

What : Cannes Film Festival
Where : Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France
When : May
Best For : International movie glamour

Okay. I'm totally not a movie glamour. But I'm obviously movie lover. And film-making worker. So it won't kill if I go there. Especially if one day, my film get nominated there (crossed-finger), hehehehe.

What : Dusseldorf Carnival
Where : Dusseldorf, Germany
When : The main celebration takes place around Ash Wednesday, but the carnival season starts on November 11th
Best For : Political and social satire, folk tradition and riotous assembly

Dusseldorf hosts more than 300 balls and carnival costume party. All the city residents seems to join the carnival. Dress up in costumes and wig, then they'll 'invade' the government for a day. Expect your tie to be chopped off, and to be roundly kissed on demand, anywhere in Altstadt. Rosenmontag is climax of the festivities. Two word : huge parade.

What : The Love Parade
Where : Germany
When : July
Best For : Fantasy fulfilment, self-indulgence and unbashed exhibitionism

The Love Parade : DJ, underground music, dance. I'm not a big fan of this kind of music though. But, if you are. Then you should come to this event.

What : Oktoberfest
Where : Near Goetheplatz, central Munich, Germany
When : September/Oktober, lasted for 16 days
Best For : Guilt-free beer drinking and cultural exchange

This event is very popular around the world. Free beer for everyone. I'm not a beer drinker either, but I want to see this event and feel the athmosphere. Plus the cultural exchange. Dressed in German traditional -- peasant? -- costume.

What : Donauinselfest
Where : Donauinsel, Vienna, Austria
When : End of June
Best for : Beautiful people and sensational sound

If you're young, fit, love music, are intent in having good time and happen to be passing Vienna anywhere in June, best to make a hot date with the Donauinselfest (Danube Island Festival). Vienna in summer, tasty food, good music and great company. Well, that's tempting. Because we are young, fit, love music and intent in having good times, right?!

Okay, there are some of my picks and some of my you-might-wanna-go-there events. Actually there are still plenty, much plenty of the event all over the world that you can come to over the year, whick I'll share with you in other post. For now, that's what I share with you. But don't be hesitate to ask me if you want to know about other events in countries in the globe. I'll try my best to give you great recommendation. Just leave your comment here. Have a good trip everyone!!

Photograph via A CUP OF JO


  1. I love this post! Couldn't agree with you more... I've always wanted to go to Rosskilde but they all look great!

    Just a Silhouette

  2. true. and that Donauinselfest is really tempting with 'if you're young, love music, are intent in having good times'. except that i won't be passing nearby Vienna anywhere in June this year. maybe we can hit the event together one day (crossed-finger)


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