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Can You Feel The Magical Air?

Did you have an experience with camping or join the scout back when you're in school? How did you like the tent? I was in a scout in my 5th and 6th grade in elementary school. I liked the scout weekend when we would go for camping. My favorite part was when we sit around the wood fire, sang together, played some games or exchanged ghost stories. I also like the tent. A quite big tent that fit 10 girls in our group. But speaking of tent, I prefer- no, love - these options much more than the scout tent. Obviously. It's a great idea to decor :

your joyful

your room

your hiding place

your garden party

your fireplace

your backyard garden

your sleepover agenda

and for more mature option for room favorite...simple and pretty

Don't the tents feel like bring you to a fairytale where magic happens?

Photographs by Just A Silhouette

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