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"Hate Me Now, You Can Thank Me Later"

Ong's article in RD's Asia June 2009 edition

It was a gloomy afternoon when I dug in my old magazines and found a Reader's Digest June 2009 edition. I was then slowly drown to traced back every page of it. When I arrived on My Story rubric, I was captured by the title. The Dior Kiss. This story sent by Reader's Digest Asia reader named Joe Anne Ong who lives in Kulim, Malaysian State of Kedah.

In her article, she shared a story about her mother who grew up in a traditional Chinese family, where open expression of love were never encouraged. Her mother never showed affection in a more practical way. As she and her siblings grew up, she secretly missed the kiss from her mom in her Dior lipstick once in every year on Chinese New Year.

One day, when Ong was about to attend an entrance interview of a private medical university in Kuala Lumpur, her mom couldn't let her go all alone by herself by bus. So, she insisted to accompany Ong on the trip to Kuala Lumpur. "I had never been a happy person and wasn't too happy about getting up at 7 am on the day of the interview," Ong said. After they bumped into the bus, she quickly turned her back on her mom and plopped down onto a window.

She fell asleep as the trip went by. Not long after that, she was awaken by the pitter-patter of rain on the window, but still kept her eyes closed. Then there it was. She heard her mom murmured in a low voice ,"I love you", followed by her rare Dior kiss on Ong's cheek. She cried without a sound realising the love of her mom for her.

This article that Ong wrote just reminded of my mom. Not that my mom is a lack of affection display to her children. She is, no doubt, a very loving person to her children. Me and my younger siblings. But she is also a very strict parent I've ever known. Not until I went to college I realised all that she has set up for me, so I can face the real world on the right feet.

I remember the time when I was a little, she was very hard on me. At 3rd grade I already got to do home chores such as cleaning up the house. Considering my 2-floor house, it wasn't a pleasant task for such a girl who still wanted to play with her friends. When I mumbled about it and told her about my friends who dind't have to do such things from their mother, mom just said,"Wait til you grow up and you can see how this will be useful for you. You might be angry at me now. But you will thank me later."

She was also really hard on my mischief or disobey. Every action caused consequences. Gift and punishment could be mine, according to what I decided to do. This was her way to encouraged me to learn from what I had done.

My mom never pampered me. She always taught me to be strong and responsible to my own self. For example she would swept away unorder stuffs that I scattered around. Like if I left my bag not on the place, she would warn me first. When I ignored her, she just stayed quite. I would forgot about the bag until I remembered I had to take something out from it. I had to look for it all over the house as my mom said she had thrown it away because I didn't take care of my stuff. But actually she just hid it to give me lesson.

She was hard and protective. I could hardly get the permission to go out with my friends. But as I entered the senior high, it was quite softened. I could glimpse in a memoory where I was really mad at her for forbidden me to go hanging out at my friend's house. I couldn't understand the reason why she did that. But now, I know she was just all worried if I went there alone, as the house was pretty far from mine.

With all of that, my mom and dad are great. They never spoiled their children with expensive toys or lux holiday. But my mom and dad would encourage us. My dad used to give me more money to spent on books, as he really knew that I love to read. He was never complainting everytime I spent my monthly income (which came from him) over DVD, music, and especially books. But my dad also very loyal for achievment that we gained. I remember the time when digital pocket camera just appeared in this country market and not many people posesed it like now. He surprised me with this digi cam as a gift for my good result in school.

Now I must admit to my mom that she was always right. I might be mad at her then, but now I really thank her for everything she and dad have been giving me. No expensive toys, no luxury gifts. My parents most precious gift for me are love and education. For all of those sacrifies they made for me. And their timeless love in makes me who Iam today. For that, I could never thank them enough. 


  1. This was a great story. My mom was the same way, and at the time, I hated her. Now, I thank her for it. It's scary to think that without that, I could be a spoiled brat!

  2. I loved reading this post, you don't have to be spoiled to have great parents. xo


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