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You Only Live Once

We bid farewell under the dark of 4 am morning sky on a Saturday in the most unsober fashion. At least on their part, because I was the only one fully sober - which in any case, only my words will count if there's anything. The night before we held a farewell party drinks for Kathryn. Celebrating the end of the shoot of the tv shows that we're working on, and she was going back to her hometown. It started with a very civilized gathering. We wore hats as I made the theme for the party. By 12 AM, Kai's friends came and joined us - and that also means that they sorted us into a party bus. In 15 minutes we found ourselves on a dance floor in a club somewhere that I don't even remember.

A few hours before Kathryn's flight everyone shared her a hug and all that then Eli drove us to grab her luggage before she disappeared with the taxi to the airport. And then, in less than 12 hours later, I met Elizabeth at the train station on our way to a friend's birthday party. Thank God it was a casual sitting-down dinner party because I felt light-headed. We had a good time at the party, and then of course when they kicked us out of the venue at 12 AM the boys couldn't just end the night there. We went to another bar where there's this live band playing in half an hour time. Nick led the herds - splitting people into the cars and grabbed a taxi to whoever needed to get into the taxi. We all arrived at the bar, the band played and that was a good play. Everyone dancing and laughing and enjoying the night away. 

Monday morning my feet were still hurt when I got into the office. Half of us still got hangover and half awake. But we just rolled on. Shay, who couldn't come to both party over the weekend, grabbed me after work for a drink. Which turned into another night out until 2 AM. Lea came over as well as we both dragged her out of bed at 9 PM. Tuesday and Wednesday I was out again with my friend Gia. We hadn't had a chance to spend time together since early this year, so she insisted that I had to go with her. 

Friday, we had the office party which means work ended earlier and everyone just spends the rest of the day drinking and eating. And of course after that, one of the Series Producers dragged us out to this karaoke bar that he would like to check. It was really fun where we just sang the song loudly without a care and release the 90's kid spirit in us. I haven't had enough sleep in the past 2 weeks. Whenever I have to force myself in the morning to get up and get ready to work, I wonder why do I keep doing this to myself. But just like what I said to all my friends when I persuade them to get out of bed and meet us somewhere to do something on a work night, "YOLO. You're not gonna be 29 forever."

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