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Against Hesitation

There will be times when you feel unsure. Your tomatoes will go rotten and there will be cockroach running in between your shoe racks on the most unexpected days. There will be barriers and obstacles. And your day couldn't go any more wrong. Your coffee will spill on your white shirt and your shoes will fall off from the heat. Your boss will criticize your work, and your plan won't go your way. And there will be times when you second-guessing yourself again. But despite all your hesitation, just remember that there's somebody out there who's chasing monster and not afraid of the consequences
"They can just call me crazy, and that's O.K. by me," he said in an interview with Boston Magazine in 2008."At least I won't go to jail for it, like Galileo." - Robert Rines, The New York Times
I read an old archive from The New York Times about Dr. Robert Rines. He's a lawyer who died in 2009 at the age of 87, who had spent the years of his life trying to prove the existence of Loch Ness monster. It is said that he started to have an interest searching the Loch Ness monsters after attending a Roy Mackal talk in 1969 (Cryptomundo, 3rd Nov 2009). So, things like opening your own coffee shops, quitting your job to travel, moving into a bus and sell your house and belongings, or having a baby are not so crazy after all. 

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