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In The Shortness Of Time

Jess and I met for the first time a few years ago when we both lived in Singapore for the first time. We went there for the same reason - working on a show that required us to live in Singapore for a year. She came from London, and we bonded quickly over a chat how to find a place to live in such a short period of time. I was picky about getting a roommate, and so did she. And that's how we decided to rent a place together. 

Through that one year, we shifted from colleagues to best friends to a family. She's like the older sister that I never had. We've come across so many things in that year, and we've gone through an emotional roller-coaster for both of us. From heartbreak (mine) to a new love (hers). From victory to a fall down. From sickness and in health. We shared mutual weirdness that includes dancing in the morning while getting ready to work, to our appreciation of 24-hour junk food delivery. 

We rocked and drove each other mad like any siblings would do. She taught me how to be a lady - which include to never put a lady's purse on the floor, and I made her went out trekking hilly-forestry pathways which she hated. We shared tears and joy together. We celebrated birthdays - new friends, mine, colleagues, hers, loved ones. A year passed and before we knew it, we bid farewell to each other once the project was done. She went back and I led my way onto another road. 

But to this date, she is someone that I still talk to regularly on a daily basis. It's as if we never part. Some years have gone now since we said goodbye in Changi airport, but we've met several times in between. I jumped across the pond when her aunt passed away, and she flew halfway around the world when she heard that I got pregnant (false rumor). I am so grateful for the kind of friendship and sisterhood that we have. 

I heard a saying that says love is something that you don't convince to do. You can't convince someone to love you, nor can you convince yourself to love someone. It's something that you do. I guess one thing that I learned from this is that love can grow in such short of time. Of course, there are loves that cultivated from years of familiarity. Years of togetherness. 

Like friends that you have since you're in high school, and though you're not living in the same time zone anymore, you're still in touch with each other. Or friends that have known you since you're 10 years old. And then, there's this kind of love that grows quickly. Sometimes you just knew when you shake someone's hand that you will be best friends for a lifetime. Even in the shortness of time, something good can grow. 


  1. It's so true - I love the friendships which pop up when you don't expect it and the ones which last through time and distance. I have a few friends in NZ and we may not talk all the time but when we see each other or have a proper catch up, it's like no time has passed! x

  2. Ahh this was such a lovely post! I also believe that love is something that is or isn't and that no amount of convincing can change. So thankful for the special people in our lives ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. There's truly no wrong way of making friends. This post was beautiful. It makes me happy to hear that she's become such a big part of your life. <3

  4. This is so sweet and nice. And I think that saying about love is couldn't have a better timing than this for me to hear. Thanks for sharing -- this friendship sounds golden.

  5. To have a friend like this is like hitting the jackpot. Wishing you both many more years of wonderful memories together.


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