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There is a stack of untouched books on the top of the shelf next to my tv console that I separated from the rest. This year I bought books more often than the time that I put in to actually read them. I must admit that I don't read as much in the past few years. I used to the kind of girl who always has a book in her bag. A few years ago, I just stopped. The book in my bag has been replaced with notes and hard drives. The pages of papers have been substituted with online article read from my phone. In the last two weeks I've gone back to my old habit. I started packing a book each day in my bag, and spend the 30 minutes train ride reading a book. This new routine has been proven to be refreshing. 

I don't check my phone before I get to work. I used to check on emails while I am on the train before, but now I use my commute time to read a book and really clear my mind off from any work-related matter before I reach the office. I must say I feel better for that quiet time in the morning before getting to the office. I don't force myself to read one book from start to finish. Instead, I pack a book that I feel like to read on that day. And I couldn't be any happier. I feel like I'm meeting an old friend now that I am back to my old routine. The stacks of unread books started to look shorter. There's an after-effect feeling that I get from this too. Suddenly, the book-nerd in me don't feel like missing on life anymore. 


  1. This post is beautiful! �� I am also the kind of person to always have a book on me, but as a student facing finals, I suddenly found myself using every spare time I had to work on homework instead of reading... Noticing my change in mood, I decided to use the last thirty minutes before I went to bed to read. By doing that, I realized how much I had been missing reading. It's so easy to overlook how healing reading and relaxing can be, but this post was a nice reminder to always do something for myself instead of let the expectations of life take over. ��

  2. I never was a big reader. I always have the best intentions to read more but I get lazy and don't. I think I need to make a better effort and really make time to read more... and maybe not so much wasted time on instagram! haha


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