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Last November

The last time I met my friend Cass was last November when we were both in Singapore. She was there for a couple of months working on a tv show, and I was there for a month and a half working on a series of short case studies project. One Sunday night we met at Keong Saik Road in Outram after she finished her edit, and I finished mine. We were craving burritos, so we're planning to meet at a place where we used to go almost a year before that November. But when we arrived there, to our disappointment, the place was closed. It was around 9 pm, and in the end, we headed to 7-Eleven to grab some beer for our friend Adam then we headed to Marina Cove at East Coast Park.

We bought some Indian food to go and we sat by the beach at the late hour. Watching the place was still so alive on a Sunday night. A lot of families going there to spend the weekend, so we could see a lot of kids still riding their bicycles along the trek. And in the short distance, the lights from the tanker ships were waving at us. We sat there while eating our food. I was on my 5th month of tv break at the time, and to have watching Cass in the edit room of a travel tv series that she was working on really made me realized how much I missed going back on tv production again.

Cass, being a very experienced Series Director herself, laid it off to me so very eloquently all the things that I needed to hear. She could smell that there's something in me of being out of production for quite some time. And she pointed out so well. That I was bored. That I was feeling intellectually unchallenged. That I needed that adrenaline boost. That I missed being a Production Manager myself. That I was unhappy being away from the thing that I love. So she told me maybe it's time that I should go back. And not just that she pointed out it was the right time, she also convinced me that I was ready to go back. So, 3 months later I found myself ready and running. I got back to tv production and I could feel the energy boost inside myself. I came back a different person.

I found a picture of us that night the other day when I cleaned the drawer. As I've been feeling challenged at work lately with the project that I'm currently working on, that picture of us looked half drunk in the dark on the beach was a good reminder for me of why I am here. I have reminded again why I'm doing what I'm doing. I need to remember this. That it was just last November I was thinking to myself trying to find a purpose in my career again. Thinking about some different scenarios, all the ifs and what not. And now, a year later, I am here - where I really wanted to be this time around last year. 


  1. As a student, I have different pressures in my life than what adults would have to go through with work. With colleges getting harder and harder to get into, I find myself stressing out about whether I'm doing enough and working hard enough -- but in actuality, if I compare my life right now as opposed to a year before, or even a few months ago, I can point out endless things of how much life now is much better than before. It's nice to take a step back at times and think about what you've accomplished recently rather than dwell on what you still need to or want to do. �� This was a lovely post!

  2. Remembering why you started can pull you out of the deepest ruts! That last paragraph really warmed my heart so much, and it's so wonderful that you have a friend like Cass who can be real with you and push you to do things :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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