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There's always an exclamation at the end of the sentence when I realize what date it is and in what month. Because if there's something that feels like fleeting my fingers, it will be the time. I met my friend Elizabeth the other day, and we talked about how it's already the end of November. We started listing the things that we've achieved this year, but the list didn't go long as we aimed our mind at the big things. But the truth is, life is already hard, and sometimes we need to give ourselves more credit to survive each day. So we decided to celebrate the little things in life. Everyday life struggle. Something like throwing the thrash out to the chute.

For making the bed in the morning. For doing the laundry over the weekend. For making it to the bank appointment on time. For making time to be with friends and family after work. For coming to a friend's grandmother's birthday. For washing the dishes and cleaning out the house. For mopping the floor. For filling up the fridge. For saying thank you and being nice to your colleagues. For being nice to everyone. For being a good person. For paying the bills on time. For hugging your loved ones. For calling your mom just to say hi. For making it our lives. 


  1. Yes—celebrating small happinesses is so important!

  2. I always call those simple moments a celebration of 'small wins', it's the one that most likely will be cherished in the long run.


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