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Coney Island

I haven't slept for two days
I've bathed in nothing but sweats
And I've made hallways scenes for things to regret
And my friends they come and the lines that they go by
Tonight I'm gonna rest my chemistry
Tonight I'm gonna rest my chemistry
{Interpol - Rest My Chemistry}

There are places that spark a certain song in my head. As we walked through the gate to Coney Island, the place instantly reminds me of this song. The ambiance feels serene and sacred, as the tall Casuarina trees surrounded us. The first area welcoming us in structures that feels like a camping site ground, made from the fallen trees. In this area, some monkeys might come out from the thin forestry on the other side and grab your belongings that are visible. 

We chose to sit by the west promenade after we took a walk, where you can see the Malaysian coastal of Pasir Gudang from the bay side. If you keep walking towards the other end of the island, you can find the birds hiding arch, and pass the mangrove habitat. It is stated that there are more than 80 species of resident and migratory birds in Coney Island. But we didn't manage to see many of them when we were there. 

If you stop by the estuary, where the mangrove is, you might spot the Giant Mudskippers. For a country that is well-known as a concrete jungle, this place is like a sanctuary in Singapore. There are some places that I always feel like a 'fabricated' reality even though it's made to be as natural as possible to fulfill the nature spots needs in the busy country, but Coney Island feels as real as it can be, compared to other places. 

If you try to listen, you can hear the leaves frictions and crickets song. One thing that I love the most about this place is the familiar feeling. Maybe that's why it sparks a certain song to me. The cool air and the voices of the trees and grasses don't feel like a stranger. As if this place already knew me long before I came. 


  1. What a beautiful report of your first encounters. Now I want to visit too! x

  2. Your description of how you felt on Coney Island resonated with me so much -- it sounds similar to how I feel like when I go camping. Walking into nature is so different than walking into the city that I live in. Instead of mechanical sounds of conditioning, cars, or the occasional rumbling in the sky as a plane takes off from the international airport a few miles away, when I'm in nature, there's pure silence. When there isn't silence, I invite the noises of a stream trickling a few steps away or of leaves crackling beneath my hiking boots into my mind and space. It's strange how connected I feel with the land despite it not being my home when I'm in nature, but nevertheless I savor that feeling. ��

    This was a lovely post -- I enjoyed reading it! ��❤️

  3. CAN I GO HERE? It looks beautiful. I also just love the feeling where you go somewhere and it makes you FEEL things. It's truly the best <3


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