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Chasing Light

This the life as I remember it. The golden light that falls upon the paddy field. The breeze that blows under the sun heat. We lay our head on the hay while in the short distance, the scarecrows are waving. He sips his warm beer and I sip my ice coke. We look across the distance and just watch the day slowly shifting into the night. If there's one magic that I find here every day, it will be the three shades of light in the sky. If you're looking at it from the seaside, you'll find the different shades of gold and blue and gray. And as we lay on someone else's paddy field, I see the layers of blue and red, but mostly it's the crimson sky. Years before this, the first time I took him on sunset chase, was the first time I realized that it's important to me that he loves where I came from too. I turn my head to see his face now. To see that he is still deep in awe. And it shoots my heart with joy. That he, too, accepts and loves this place the way I do. 


  1. I love how you write with such eloquence, particularly about emotions and sentiment like this writing. Love the photo of the golden light and paddy field :)


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