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Career Share : One Big Mistake Employee Tend To Make About Work Appraisal & Why It Is Important

I didn't realize the importance of the yearly appraisal in the workplace until a few years ago. Before I moved overseas, I had always been a freelancer so I didn't understand the impact of that couple few pages of paper that the HR department spread at a certain time in a year can make. For my first appraisal, I didn't really put a thought into it. I knew that many of other employees who were my seniors and the other juniors did the same thing. Until one day one of the Series Producers that I worked with gave me an advice about the importance of work appraisal. 

She took me out for lunch one day where we met her husband, who was one of the Executives at Lucas Film at the time. Her husband told me part of his job role is reviewing these appraisals and making plans for the employees' growth to the direction that they want to be in the company. Before he worked for Lucas he was with Dreamworks and Universal for years, and he told me, one big mistake that employees tend to make is not really taking the work appraisal time seriously. 

By filling out the form seriously, you let your employer know what direction that you want to go with the company and they do take into consideration what you want to achieve in your career. Part of his job is also to determine salary increase and bonuses for employees - and how you fill in your appraisal form is actually playing part in the decision-making process.

"Staffs who share their goals, visions, two cents, and thoughts, show that they care about their jobs and about the company. It is also a good start to have the conversation with your boss about how you would like to grow your career and how the company you're working for can help you", he explained. Staffs are the company assets and company would like to grow their assets. An appraisal is also a way to get the chance at work that you've been looking for. By discussing what you want, it gives the insight to the company whether you're keen to take a bigger responsibility in your career journey.

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  1. Such a good point - it is easy to see these as just tickbox exercises but putting time and effort into them really helps set out a plan for the year ahead! x


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