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Height + Mist

I tasted the feeling of being on a top of a mountain for the first time when I was in university. After a few hours of hike in the darkness, to a hiking trip that I initiated spontaneously at 8 pm, we reached the top when it was close to dawn. The chill crept through our thick mountain jacket. Mine was red. We started to unpack and build the tent - the four of us. There was no one else. The top of the mountain was this hard stone smorgasbord that could only fit 4 to 5 tent size for 4 people, so to be on the top would be a competition on its' own should there be other people around. There's no way that we could get our tent stand on the top as the wind blew so hard that night. The rocks that we could find to hold the tent wouldn't last long, so we decided to retreat to the lower level of the top on the side, where there's some soil and grass so we can plant the pegs into the ground. 

It was dark, and as it was a sudden trip none of us brought any light except that weak little lighter light Elan brought. How we still managed to get to the peak in the middle of the night and the darkness without getting lost too much on the way up is still a mystery. By the time we finished the tent, we realized we got the best view towards the town. In the distant, I could see the frequent street light shaping a U down the road where we took a hilly ride to get to the mountain feet. I remember thinking to myself that this is fascinating how I'm watching the town sleeping. We heard the echo morning prayer - like a vague howling from a far. We weren't even sure it was a morning prayer, but then the sunlight started to climbed and then the world no longer dark. 

We walked up to the top, looking around and looking down. I could feel the cold breeze harshly slap my face, but I didn't mind. I walked closer to the edge and I could see the smaller hills that surrounded this mountain. I saw the winding cliff, the tortuous streams, the hanging thick clouds. The city where I lived in at that time was nowhere in sight. There's only silent. I felt mighty yet humbled. I felt big yet so small. I felt safe. I felt glory. I felt relief, yet I felt like to cry. In that moment, once again I felt that I am in love with the world too. 


you can love or hate. but with respect.

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