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Fisherman Village

It was a hot day when we hauled our way in a one and a half hour ride down to a small fisherman village on a small island of Bintan. It was said that this village rooted from mixed of culture and background. The Malay people may have resided here first, but the place has also influenced by a strong Chinese culture. We anchored at the small port at one end of the village, where some residents laid their curious eyes on us. We took a walk inside the houses row and we could spot a colorful Chinese temple. 
There were houses with logs supply in front of their house. There were some children playing along the quiet alleyway. Some people opened up the front door of their houses, but this place felt quite desolate at eleven o'clock in the morning. The tour guide who brought us there mentioned that there were a few things that have been shifted from the past in this place. Even though a lot of people there still earn their living from the marine life, now the people also work on other sectors - health, civil servants, construction worker, food seller, and so on.  


  1. Oohh, at first I thought somehow these pictures feel so strangely familiar and then I googled that Bintan is actually in Indonesia (which is my country!).

  2. Very cool to see the blend of influences, thanks for sharing some great moments!

  3. I visited a floating village once, but I totally forget where... All the houses were on stilts and we got around by boat as well! Obviously I visited this place before I started blogging haha, otherwise I would have remembered it crystal clear! Thanks for sharing this experience; I feel like places like these will be fewer and fewer in the future :( -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha, got you. I know. I had a torn feeling. I feel they need a better access for education, but at the same time I feel like if they're open to anything it might erasing their original culture and unique way of life :(

  4. Beautiful post! I love small, quiet spots like that..


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