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The Anatomy of Moving

To pack your 1.5 years of life in two suitcases and one backpack.
To say goodbye to your hairdresser that is just 5 minutes walk away from where you used to live.
To find a new coffee shop where you can walk within 5 minutes on a Saturday morning to have your favourite salted gula Melaka waffles.
To find a new bakery shop in your new neighbourhood where you can grab something on the way to work.
To figure out the nearest exit to your new home from the subway.
To bid farewell to the local market and all the mum's and pop's shops that already know your name.
To have a new route of the commute. 
To find a new nail and hair salon near your new house where they speaks English.
To try a few different way to get to the subway station from your new house.
To take a walk in the public park on Sunday morning and don't see a familiar face.
To figure out the direction of the light in the morning.
To get yourself familiar with the noises that your new upstair neighbour's kids always make from 11 pm to 12.30 am.
To make friends with the cleaning lady who always smiles and greets you if you walk out from the elevator on the 1st floor at 8.30 in the morning on your way to work. 
To remember all the gardeners who work in your new complex.
To try to memorise the time when the pool is the least crowded over the weekend.
To find the nearest grocery shop that has all the stuff that you always buy.
To familiarise yourself with the neighbour who lives across the building on the 4th floor, who always blasts his stereo over the weekend from the morning, until his next-door neighbours all complaining, screaming from their windows. All of this you can witness from your balcony.
To try to catch a glimpse of your next-door neighbour and say hello to everyone you see in the lift.
*disclaimer : these are not the pictures of my neighbourhood 


  1. This was a beautiful post! I had a conversation with some ladies I met the other day, and we were saying that once you find a pharmacy and supermarket to frequent, that's when your new place becomes home! :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Oh It give me chills. I love this.


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