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On Being an Adult

I spent this Sunday at home. My mind already woke up but my eyes still shut. In my head, I tried to keep the track of time. I didn't hear my alarm ringing, and I thought I might have slept for a very long time. It felt like a really long time from the moment I fell asleep. I could feel my legs sore, and my arms heavy. These are the souvenirs that you usually bring home after a shoot. I checked on my phone and found out it was only 7.30 am in the morning. 

I woke up to the reality - there's a pile of laundry worth of 3 weeks clothes. There's a stack of plates, glasses, frying pan that I'd been too tired to deal with. There's a track of dust in the house, that I hadn't been in for a few weeks and there were some clothes still hanging outside in the balcony for who knows how long. These are the things that you have to deal with when you're an adult, besides the pile of bills that you have to remember to pay and the schedule of the aircon service that you have to keep up to.

Most of the time we're so busy thinking and worrying about our career. Where we are now compared to where we think we would be when we were 19. I had big dreams when I was 10. I think we all do. I would be travelling the world when I am 18. I would pack come clothes in my carrier bag, going to the Patagonia and meet the local tribe in Africa. I would live in a tent for 8 months in the desert of Mongolia. I would play jump-rope with the kids in a rural village in Sri Lanka and I would publish a book about all the people that I meet along the way.  

And here I am at 27, stood my house and barely manage to keep the house clean with my work schedule and find time to write. As I was finishing up the housework - taking care of the laundry, cleaning up the sink, mopping the floor clean, changing the sheets and finally sat on the sofa, it got me thinking. We caught up in this big idea of how our lives should be, or where we should be at the moment, that we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back just to get through the day. Because we deserve it. 

To make it to the doctor's appointment. To present at your sister's graduation. To make a time to call your mother after a long day of work. To wash the dishes after dinner. To wash the laundry and keep them clean. To sweep off the dust out of the house. To fill the fridge and make sure that you're not running out of milk. To keep the plants alive. And no matter where we are right now, even though it's not where we think we would be when we were 19, we do our best to keep the roof over our head, and food on our table.

To all of you out there - raise a glass to yourself. 

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  1. I am still very far from an adult, but I've gotten a taste of it this past year when I moved off campus into an apartment that I'm sharing with a roommate. The laundry, the fridge, the struggle is so real! Thanks for the reminder about giving ourselves a pat on the back ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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