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A New Chapter

In the past 8 months, I bid goodbye to many things. Last year, in May, my best friend went back to the UK for good. We had a month full of farewell bids. We went out literally every night before her last day in this part of the world, even though that meant we stayed up all night and still showing up to work the next day.

When we first met, both of us just moved to this country. We bonded over the talk of our appreciation of junk food 24-hour delivery, and the stress over finding an apartment to live in. We made a list of things that we'd like to do in the first 6 months, and for one reason and another, of course, we didn't cross anything from the list except finding a place to live in, and went to some tourist spots.

So, in that one month, we tried to squeeze in everything that we could with our closest friends. We randomly booked flight tickets to the places that just popped up in our heads each weekend, we rode on a cable car, we went on pub crawl and danced until the sun rose, we went cafe-hopping just because.

We hugged at the airport between the cold 1 am winds and the stares of other people at the entry gate at the end of May. A week later, I said goodbye to my first home in this country too. I packed all my belongings, that's surprisingly had grown by 2 suitcases in the span of one year and two months. I moved to another place that I would make another home.

By June, I made a hard decision by leaving tv production. I needed a slower pace in my life to sort out some stuff back at home, and my working schedule in tv production wouldn't allow me to do that. I bid another farewell to the thing that I love. The in-between my tv-break phase, I worked more on corporate and brands video production. 

In January, I decided to go back to tv and for the first time in the past 8 months, I felt most excited about work again. I'd been deliberating since December last year whether or not I am ready to go back to tv production, and I am so glad so I did. Currently, I am working on a reality travel show, and even though I know that it will entail will a lot of sleepless nights and just about 50 million things to get done, I feel excited and ready. I am eager to what's ahead. I feel like starting a new fresh chapter in my book. 


  1. I salute people who work with media, because I know all the effort and handwork that they put into a production of a content. It's very nice reading this story, because after all we just need to breathe fresh air, and begin again. Good luck with the new chapter, what reality travel show that you're working on? I once dreamt of working for travel TV series, it must be exciting :)

    1. I agree w.ith you. Sometimes we need some space to breath before getting our groove back. I am currently working on a reality travel show which will be shot across 6 countries. It's always crazy in tv production , haha. Thank you so much Fransisca!


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