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The absence of time

Man once sang to me
Look at you saving the world on your own
And I wonder how things gonna be
'Cause the time here it passes so slow
In a city of devils we live
A city of devils we live
Yellowcard - City of Devils

Somehow, the time here felt so fast yet so slow. Sometimes it feels like there's no enough time in a day and yet sometimes it feels to take so long before the day turns to night. On Friday, we roamed through kiosks of canai bread and drank too much tarik tea, walked passed through the packed market and laughed at most of the things that we were talking about. Just like we did 3 years ago, and a year and a half before that. The same laughs and the same elated feeling. Just in different places and different countries. We've changed and we've grown, but it feels like we're still the same.


  1. This is so beautifully written and though provoking Niken. Time can be such a funny thing, it does seem like it's going by so quickly at times and too slowly at others. I hope you are well!

  2. Beautifully written, Niken! Time can be such a confusing concept! <3

  3. lovely. makes me miss your part of the world too. the tea and the bread and that kind of life... xo

  4. Oh so true my friend! Such a beautiful post! And it sounds like you are enjoying your time which makes life sweet! Happy week you! Nicole xo

  5. I would love to hear you laugh. Someday we will laugh together, and probably drink too much coffee.
    This post will stay with me today. It reminds me life is good. ;)

  6. "We've changed and we've grown, but it feels like we're still the same. " -- I love this. Speaks to my mindset recently. How wonderful it is to realize that nothing has really changed in general. We're still that same person as before but in a slightly different manner. Life is good!

  7. I loved this post. Your writing is a real treat.
    There is never enough time.


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