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For your evening : Hallyu

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Did your part of the world get hit by the wave too? You might have heard of Gangnam style. Hallyu or Korean Wave is the term that's used to describe Korean culture that's become global trend. From their music, fashion, to film. I think I started paying attention for it after I watched Running Man. Can't get enough of that show. And as I started to learn about film-making, I used to watch music clips, tv commercials, films or videos from other countries to learn and for inspiration. Even though I'm not a fan of all the music idols, there are some good musicians that I enjoy. And in term of filmmaking, Korea is a hot spot for it. Busan International Film Festival that's held annually is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world - I share my Asian pride on this matter. When I read articles about how Korean built their entertainment kingdom, there are things that made me cringe, for sure, but aside from that, industrially speaking, it's very impressive that they could take the world successfully. 

Here's some of my favorites if you'd like to check :

You're a spy if you don't watch Running Man - I always die in laughter watching it. I'm totally impressed by the creative, weird and pranky challenges the show creates.

Okay, I admit it. I cried a lot when I watched Miracle In Cell no. 7 - about a mentally-ill man who's convicted for a child molestation and murder he never did that set him apart from his beloved daughter.

Speaking of warmer days, Bicycle makes me feel the scent of a relax beautiful summer days.

If you're a sucker for romance, check out this movie and this movie.


  1. I have a good friend in love with everything Korean, I'm sure she's up to date with the latest trends! Not me though.. hehe..

    1. I am not keeping up to date as well to everything Korean, but there's a tv show that I watch regularly and some movies that I like to check in from time to time. I still can't understand their fashion, especially in for men. hhaa.

  2. thank you. I don't know all that much about Korean entertainment, even though one of my best friends is American-Korean [not sure if that even matters in that context or not]. will check out some of your recommendations. xo

  3. Thank you so much for your recommendations, Niken. I have not seen any of the movies but now I cannot wait to check them out. Especially Miracle in Cell no. 7.

  4. Yangkyu loves Running Man. I like the main MC of the show and the show is definitely funny but I think I like it more because I like watching Yangkyu laugh, which can be so comical sometimes (I'm so weird.. I love watching people laugh because it makes me laugh..)

    I have been meaning to see Miracle in Cell No. 7 and I haven't seen A Moment to Remember either but I heard it was very good. I also have a "My Love, Don't Cross the River" which is a documentary about an elderly couple (,_Don%27t_Cross_That_River) -- I think it beat out all movies, including Hollywood releases, and stayed at the #1 box office in Korea. It was a surprise hit and really touched people.

  5. All the movie recommends look great!
    I don't seem to know about the Korean craze...yet. Just stuck in a little western town in the middle of a wide prairie! But, sooner or later we get some foreign films here and they are a refreshing change.

  6. Bicycle is a cute song :3

    Ah well... We even had Gangnam style on tv in commercials.... >_>
    And don't try to show people other songs, because they will all thing it's Chinese and sound alike.

    And I must admit, there a lot of cringe worthy songs/MV that I would never show :x

  7. Korea seems like such a strange place, magical in a way. I imagine Tokyo like that too.


  8. I so appreciate these recommendations ....hope I can see them soon....


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