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Socially Awkward

I'm not a social media person. I have a twitter account that I made to check on work - but I never tweet. I barely open my facebook page, and I don't have a pinterest. I just joined instagram a few months ago, and maybe that's the only platform that I check and update from time to time. Last week, when I peek at my friend's phone I saw that she grouped her IG apps in SOCIAL folder. That surprised me because I never thought that anyone would group IG as social. I have it in PHOTOGRAPHY folder in my phone. And then I asked my other girl friends. Apparently, they too, group it in social folder. It's interesting to me how we can see something that we have in common in a different way.

Social media platform is a powerful tool. It connects people, no matter where they are. And in terms in  developing business, it's so helpful. I don't have anything against social media, but I just can't stand it if someone is so attached to his phone and ignores what stands next to him. I have a friend who literally attached to his phone. No matter when and where. Over lunch, free time, work, on his way to the toilet, on a drive, even when he has conversation with some other people, he's not really there as he scrolls through his social media accounts. It really bugs me big time.

It bothers me because it makes him doesn't really pay attention to his own surroundings, or to the person who talks beside him. Though social media is meant to connect people  when one cannot put boundaries on it's use, he might as well live on his online life rather than his real life. And I know some people who live their online live rather than their real live. I don't want to be that kind of person.


  1. I feel bad for him because he's missing out on life. Life can't be lived on a phone screen or a computer screen. He will miss so many of life's grand moments! I have recently began leaving my phone in the car when I go for hikes and it makes such a world of difference.

    1. Nicely said ..
      (I so do not care about phones either..)

  2. I do not understand how people can completely forget about the world surrounding them when they have their phone in their hands. I do enjoy Instagram as well but I do not check it when I am with my friends etc.

  3. I totally agree with you.

    I am slowly starting my own business and all the social media platforms you mentioned will be a big part of it. I know I will have to use them several times a week to become succesful and to be able to do the kind of work I have always dreamed of (which itself has nothing to do with the internet!) So I have slowly started to practice on using these web tools and I already feel pressure to check on my accounts, all the likes and shares and stuff like that. Which seems a bit ridiculous, when you really think about it!

    Also, the part time job that I have (to support my studies and the start of my personal business) involves moderating another social media platform. There are days when I'm literally stuck at my computer all day. You actually get very tired of it eventually! Sometimes I feel like I don't even want to pick up my phone because I've just had an overdose of the whole world wide web. That's usually when I need to go to the forest, in the middle of nowhere, and just wander for a couple of hours. :)

    But there are other kind of moments, as well. Like when I found my way to your blog. I could instantly feel it was something else. I'm not sure if it was your gorgeous photography or the way you seem so "real", whereas some people clearly pose and create a certain kind of image of themselves.

    So, for blogs like these (and the dream of my own business) I'm not ready to give up on the social media completely. But I will certainly not give up on my forest walks, either! :)

  4. I know exactly what your talking about. Social media is bittersweet. I like the idea that it can all be turned off though, and you can come and go from it as you please. Cellphones aren't as easy to turn off, I always silence mine so I'm not checking it every time it goes off. Hope you are well Niken :).

  5. oh thank you so much for the compliment! ♥ :))

    btw, i really like the design of your blog! :)

  6. I have instagram in my social folder too, but I could see it being in photography too. I like reading your observations on life.

    p.s. here is a "Are you Addicted to Your Phone?" quiz I took once.

  7. It bugs me big time, too.
    I have my blog. And a few other blogs I follow, and that's it.
    I don't have a smart phone. I love going camping way up in the mountains where there is no service.
    Life. Live it.
    Lovely post, my friend.

  8. That bothers me too. It's one of the reasons I haven't gotten a smart phone. Your pictures are so pretty. If I had an Instagram, I would follow you!

  9. is social media really all it's made up to be? I don't want to sound like an old fart, but I think it has gone past the point of usefulness. it's damaging real connections. I still use fb and twitter, mainly because you often need either one of these platforms to connect to or sign up for other services, but got rid of everything else, including instagram. it's too much 'I look at you now you look at me follow for follow' bullshit. phones and social media sites are tools, but too many of us are used by them instead of using them... sorry for the rant

  10. Social media is one of those things that you really have to have a fine balance on, that's for sure.

  11. I soooo can relate to you :} I never was a so called social butterfly .. and also can NOT understand where does this society go.... how as you say, ppl constantly checking their electronic devices and posting every moment of it, but in the same time I am like: LIVE that moment instead of rushing and "post" it somewhere (often on several pages) right away.... for me it is rather sad! Great article you wrote here about this :} and thanks for your lovely comment on my page, I had your page opened among many tabs and I meant to comment... just got overwhelmed .. but good post! :}

  12. i don't want to be that person either.


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