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On dreams, work, and some other things

What makes you passionately happy? 

Working on a film projects, shooting on set, researching on the story. I love what I'm doing and I really enjoy doing it. Beside that, I can be passionately happy too just by sipping my morning coffee or wandering on the street snapping pictures of strangers and my surroundings. My friend describes me as 'easy to pleased, hard to impressed' (let's just focus on the explanation of the first term here and ignore the second one), because I'm far too easily pleased over simple things (like ice coffee jelly!). I think no one is really happy all the time anyway. It's not human. But we can be generally happy or not in our lives, and feel content on the moments. My take on this is that I'm in love with the world too - the more reason to be happy and grateful on simple things we have in each day. 
What is the biggest thing that people misunderstand about you?
Some people told me that they thought I'm arrogant and or cold  the first time they knew me. Can't blame them. When I feel tired, I tend not to talk to save my energy - the work gatherings and introductions mostly happen after work. Beside that, one trait that my mom always reminds me about is that I cannot pretend. She says it is not appropriate in all occasions and some people might think it's rude. When I don't like something - it is shown. When I don't like someone - it is shown. 
The best dream you've ever had?
To be a part of one international reality tv show where the participants racing all around the world - I was 12. And I'm dreaming to have my own production house one day.
Favorite city that you've ever visited?
I don't have a favorite for now and cannot think of one at  the moment. I see a city as a different person with different personality. I like to discover what's different, what's shocking, what's great about a city. But again, I haven't seen that much of this world yet. 
Does rainy weather make you grumpy or sad or morose or inspired or happy?
I have my share of bad, not so bad, good and not so good experiences in a rainy day. But I love rain. It makes me feel nostalgic. 
What do you do and why?
I'm a freelance production manager/fixer for film production, but I also do other job descriptions inside and outside film field too. Sometimes I produce and write the storyline, translating scripts and stories, media management, etc etc etc, but it always something related to film production usually. It never crossed my mind that I will have a career in this field. I love what I do, that it's not just something that I do to earn living, but it has become a part of who I am. If I don't work in a filmmaking world, I don't know what I would do. 
What do you like to do for fun?
Hang out with my friends. Usually it leads to something we don't plan and I love that spontaneity. 
If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
Destroy war. Stop it. Erase it. 
Favorite childhood memory?
Going to the amusement park with my parents. I would force my dad to ride on vikings, carousels, windmill, roller-coaster - basically everything he doesn't like. He never refused though. 
What is one wish that you've made that has come true?
Become one of the crew in an international tv show where the participants racing all around the world. And working on more documentary films this year (hopefully in the upcoming year as well). 
If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?
When I was young a thing or two would cross my mind. But now, I don't want to change anything because I am who I am today is a part of what I've come through in the past. Bad or good.  I won't mind to be better in navigation though.

*For whimsy Kailey who nominated me for Liebster. Officially I have to tag other people and set some questions list, but here how I like to do this. Everyone can answer this in the comment (or not).

I'm curious, have you ever done something that you deeply regret so you never tell anyone about it? If you'd like , feel free to comment as anonymous. 


  1. I see that a lot has changed in the appearance of your blog is beautiful! And an interesting post, can learn a lot about you. Thank you darling!

  2. I love learning all those things about you, Niken :) I hope you're doing well! Sending a big hug to you :)

  3. Oh, now I'm going to stay up all night and think abaut this particular kind of regret...

  4. Loving the rain, too .. and also the new blog-design :}}

  5. These are great questions (and answers!), thanks for sharing them :)

    Bramble & Thorn

  6. I really don't have anything I deeply regret so much as I would never tell anyone.
    People when they first meet me have said I intimidate them. I think because I have such a strong personality. I don't know. But usually everyone likes me once they get to know me :) I'm really glad you like your job so much! That's so important.

  7. great little interview :)

  8. Love this post, Niken! I really wish we could stop the wars all over the world. Now. I think it is a great that "small" things in life can make you happy. I try to see the positive side of things and I can also get overly excited over the little things in life. Yes, I have done something I regret. I gave up on something that was important for me - because of reasons that made sense to me at that point but not anymore. Maybe it is not too late...we will see!
    Have a great week!

  9. Love learning these tidbits about you :) and I love rain as well!!

  10. Great little facts about you! Sometimes people also think I am arrogant or cold when I meet them because I tend to be really quiet and introverted until I feel comfortable with a person so my shyness translates to coldness.

  11. congrats on the nomination. enjoyed reading your answers!

  12. It was great reading these facts about you, I'm glad you can enjoy the little things in life :]

  13. I always really enjoy reading about you. I think it's awesome that you had that dream at 12 and it came true!!

  14. I loved reading more about you. I too am one who cannot pretend. If I don't like something or someone, it shows. My mum also thinks it's not good but I can't help being the way that I am.

  15. ahh, I just saw this. I'm so glad your were able to do this! I loved your answers! :)

  16. Love that picture!! Good to get to know yah better little lady! Feeling content is the best feeling ever, besides being happy, etc. I am assuming your are an introvert. When I don't like a person it is also shown. And I too rather save my energy. <3


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