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The Constellation

The leaves fall in September,
October gets a little colder,
November in the rain cold freeze,
by December you'll be on your knees
(The Constellation-December)

This time last year, I decided to stay around awhile here. Enjoying a nice view after a series of work. After a fail attempt to hook myself on a holiday and a few jobs later, it always led me back here. No matter how many times I flew in and out. And on a very frugal decision one night, it was said and decided. I'd move in here. And move I did.

It was one year ago decision. But not until 2 weeks ago I got myself a place on my own. Where I live alone with no roommates for the first time. It's been a year. And in that year time, I've lived in 7 different hotels (some were in a different cities) and then this one house in that neighborhood before I finally made the move to my own place.

Sometimes it still feels weird that I don't live in that neighborhood anymore. I brought myself back there last week. I took a several rounds and every time I tried to go there, I just couldn't. It's funny how in a 2 weeks span, you don't belong anymore in a place where you spent some fragments of your life before. The only thing that clear is that white bougenville on the neighborhood fence. 

 There are too many things that have changed, and yet it feels so few. It always feels like that every year, I think. Comes December. The last month on the calendar. The last moments of 2013. I can't wait to see what's in it.


  1. Wow, it sounds like you move around quite a bit! I've moved a little bit myself but not to that degree. Does it get stressful after a while?

    1. not really because it's for work. you can say i live with a carrier bag and a backpack. but after awhile you get tired of not having your stuffs under the same roof. or that you need something and realise you don't bring it with you.

  2. Lovely. Very poetic. Your life really is like the changing of seasons. Hopefully a permanent place to call home will help you feel a little more least for a little while. :)

  3. I really can't believe it's December! Snuck up on me. Here's to a fabulous month!

  4. Another move? Niken, that sounds really stressful! I hope you can find some peace, at least for a bit!

  5. Sheesh, that sounds stressful to me. That kind of impermanence would seriously drive me insane! I hope you can find a place to finally call home. ♡

  6. Hopefully someday you'll be able to put down some roots, as they say over here in Kentucky. But you could also make the most of this situation and really soak up all the different places - sometimes moving around can be healthy because it can give you such a variety of interactions!

  7. I wish to be on the move too. Right now I don't know what it's gonna take.
    These beautiful things give me a stronger reason.

  8. Moving is stressful but sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what you need. It is almost time for a new year and I love that feeling of hope and starting something new.

  9. i love that poem at the top, how beautiful. it amuses me how the littlest occurrences can trigger such sharp memories and emotions.

  10. It's so true how when something big changes, like a new home or a new job (a change of setting in both cases), it almost doesn't feel like much has changed because you have to make new routines so quickly and we adjust. I felt that way when I changed jobs this year. It was such a big change, but before I knew it I had forgotten about my old routines mostly. I hope you enjoy your new home! I love living without roommates haha!


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