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On being happy

"No one is really happy anyway. It's not human." - Billie Joe Armstrong

11 years ago, when I was still at the junior high, I learned this line from Billie Joe. I think it's so cool and honest for someone to state that as a matter of factly. When the other encouraged us to be happy all the time (which wasn't a bad thing) here he was saying being happy at all cost is inhuman. Bam! Rock star.

Since I heard it, I've thought about it a lot. Are we really happy? The older I get, the more complicated the problems I have. And by all means, my life's a complete roller-coaster as well. One thing is good, another thing can turn to a complete mess. One thing makes me happy, the other sets me upset. My mood swings from north to south. And so is my feelings. This time I feel so sure about my life and then the next month I feel like I don't know what I'm doing. 

Despite all those adventures life brings, my point is, I think we can't be happy all the time but we can be generally happy in life. You know, the kind that oh-bad-things-happen-they-knock-me-down-but-when-i-look-again-my-life-is-not-destroyed-and-i'm-happy. There will always be thing that upsets us and event that hurts us, but still, through it all you're happy. We can't get everything we want or everything we need, but we're grateful of what we have so we don't feel lack of anything and there's the big picture of happiness lies. I think that's the point Billie Joe was trying to point out. Because feeling other emotions is needed to be human, isn't it?

11 years ago I might not pay a good attention to the small things around me. But as I grow older (and I hope wiser?) I think i've become more appreciative to small things in life. I'm grateful for my morning coffee, I'm grateful for a ray of sunlight that peeks through my curtain in the morning, I'm grateful for the air in my lungs. I'm grateful for the family I have, for the people that I love and love me back, I'm grateful for the job I have, and as much as I think I was born the wrong time and I'm so grateful for internet. Amen? End the end, Im glad to conclude that despite all the not so good and bad things that life has thrown on me, I'm happy. I do not just know it. I feel it. The conclusion's all yours.


  1. great post! As you said it is important to appreciate the little things. Always get up one more time than you fall.

  2. So true. I do believe that happiness can be found in the small things in life. good for you!



  3. Great post! I think happiness is just a temporary thing. I believe we can, however, be content, even though we're not truly happy. A lot to think about!

  4. Super message!!
    Bonne fête des femmes de 8 mars!!


    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  5. What an amazing smile you have in that pic! Where was it taken?
    Yes, I feel the same way - the older I get the more I realize what happiness means, the more I'm able to take care of me being happy - but we can only know we're happy when we know the downsides, too. So there's no such thing as perfect happiness - and that's good :)
    I know all the insecurities you talk about - thinking everything's great one day and then it's not the other day. But I'm learning that's life - we just need to learn from it and make the best of what we have.

  6. Aww look how cute you all are! Love the smiles ;)

  7. great post :)

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  8. I don't know if it's just being older or living in another country from the one I grew up in, but I can't be happy ALL of the time. I think those disappointing days help mold us; they help us to appreciate those little moments and the days when we are truly happy.

  9. I totally agree, Niken! I am definitely not happy all the time. It is just not possible. There are ups and downs. There are so many small things in live that I appreciate a lot but there are also so many things that make me sad, angry etc.


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