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When I was a kid...there were so much that I owed the world to learn : Tabitha from My Cliffnotes

When Tabitha told me she wanted to get in to this series, I couldn't be any happier. She's one of my favorite persons in the blog world, who is also one of the funniest persons I've ever known and boy oh boy (imagine Lorelai Gilmore tone there) she always makes my day through her blog. I can say I adore her for some reasons. But mostly, I adore her for her strength. She's a soldier. Yep, you read that right. She's a soldier, and she's supposed to be tough and unbeatable. But at the same time, she can still looks feminine and pretty. I think it's beautiful to see women to be strong yet feminine at the same time. And....she's engaged to be married!!! Yes, go over her blog, leave her a comment or two and she might give you a cyber punch.Or maybe not. Know her, love her. 


Hello lovely friends of the gorgeous Niken!
How are you today?

When I saw this series it immediately brought me back to my own childhood, and I pretty much begged to be apart of it. 

So it all started in a remote village beside The Pacific, not far from America, in what is now considered the Toilet Bowl of the US. (Swear)

Little did I know that I'd have to return to my birthplace 19 years later and live there for 6 years,
but that is another story friends.

Lets go back shall we....

I was the Honey BooBoo of the 80's, and loved showing off my belly
I have no clue why I was crying here.

I also had trouble keeping my ladies covered.
My Toddler-Tatas wanted to see the world, I couldn't help it.
The hottie in red pants is my Grama and she is my favorite person in the whole world.

Family photo time, why yes friends I think it's time...
Notice Sister and I's bangs started from the back of our heads
We were pretty much Style-ICONS.

As a kid I  had a few loves, they included:
Billy Ray Cyrus
New Kids on the Block
Mickey Mouse Club
Fraggle Rock

I also had a few fears...
Bodies of Water
The dark
Being alone
Talking to people

I was also really shy, like really shy.

But one thing I've always wanted, was to be exactly like this gorgeous blonde
My Aunt!
Isn't she pretty?

She's taught me to...
Stand up for what I believe in
 To maintain my integrity, no matter what the cost
To cheer for the underdog
And to standup for those who can't stand up themselves

She's taught me to...
Laugh at myself
And smile even when I don't want to
To smile at strangers
And kill people with kindness

She's taught me to...
Put make up on
To curl my hair
And trust that (on occasion) the right pair of heels will make everything better!

She's taught me to...
Use my voice
And own up to my mistakes
To forgive, but never forget

She's taught me to..
Love unconditionally
and never give up!

She's shown me the world and I owe so much to her!

As an adult, I'm still a style Icon

Two scarves what!

Thank you lovely Niken for letting me take over your blog today!

Twitter @Tabithalm
Instagram: Tabadoo


as usual, you can find previous stories here,
and if you'd like to participate and be featured in this series, you can always send your story and contact me here, or leave your email address in your comment so I can reach you!

Thanks so much Tabhita!
Yes, you're still the trend-setter.


  1. She sounds like a really interesting person and I will definitely check out her blog :)

  2. Oh my word, this girl is hilarious! Love it.

  3. This is so cute and funny! Love your post, Tabitha!

  4. This is a fun series, Niken!!

  5. Tabitha is very witty - "the Honey Boo Boo of the eighties"... PRICELESS!

  6. I LOVE Tabitha and I can relate to all of this!! Your aunt seems like an amazing person, Tab!!


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