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"but i still cant let go of the thought that she was wiser than i will ever be..." , Luka closed her eyes, while she's saying this.

Meet Luka.
My friend from Germany. If you haven't met her, you can go over her kingdom called My Fairytale Bones and get to know her. Even her blog name already caught me. She has a good writing and her words provoke my mind. I was so glad when she said she wanted to share her childhood memory and I was curious to get snippets from a part of her life. Without further ado, she's all yours.


hei everyone, this is luka speaking. :)  i am stoked to share fragments of my childhood - this entire series is just amazing! niken, i thank you for the opportunity to go back in time and remember who i was more than a decade ago - this post became a whole lot more to me than just a post. digging through old photographs and taking notes of what defined me as a little girl occupied my head for quite a while and left me with a huge smile on my face. so here it goes:

when i was a kid...i was this cool cat.

{my "style" completely reflected my own taste, as my parents didnt really have a say in what i was going to wear. i daresay i improved over the years, even though i never managed to find such rad sunglasses again. ;) }

looking back, it is hard to wrap my head around the fact that it must be me on these pictures. or, to look at it from the other side: how did this little, confident girl who who had no doubt in her mind that she could do anything she might ever intend to do - how did she become... me? what would she say if she saw me now?
i have good reason to ask myself these questions, you see. it happens to be that this little lady on the picture is a person that i admire more than i can tell. i care a lot about her opinion.
why? well... here are a few reasons:

she opened her own café at the age of seven in her backyard and had a pretty good run of customers buying her selfmade lemonade and cake.

she took over an entire room of the house for a few years and turned it into a clinic for kitten, frogs, mice and once a hedgehog as she had decided to be a vet.

she was intelligent and she knew. there was no insecurity about others being smarter than her. she was fine with what she had and used her brains to produce the most amazing ideas and stories.

she always made sure to take care of her little brother and when a thunderstorm appeared at the sky, he would seek shelter in her arms because she had told him it was a magical safe place. she would read to him before she could even really read by making up her own stories. she was his anchor and aware of her responsibility.
when she felt that something unjust had happened, she made it right, no matter what it took. when a stranger walked beside her, she took his hand. when she found her reflection in the mirror beautiful, she said so and when she wanted to sing into the sky, she did. when someone appeared lonely to her, she tried to be his company. when she felt treated the wrong way, she was heartbroken and it sometimes took her time to forgive. her place of choice was always the forest. she was never afraid of nature, it was her home.

you might have noticed that i am very fond of this little girl. of course there was more to her - inside of her was so much fear, she talked too much and became very angry when she didn't get her will - she had the entire package and could be very wearisome to deal with. but... i miss her.
i miss her terribly.
because most of all, she knew her way. just look at her walking in the sand - can you tell she knew exactly where she was going?
i seek her advice as often as i can by making her visible inside of me again. she comes out when i play with other children and on other occasions (she loves it when i run into the rain!). and when she is there, i try to imagine what she would do. would she kiss that guy? (yes). would she wear that crazy dress? (yes.) would she share her melon with a stranger on a hot summer day? (of course!) would she take that well-payed job in an office? (NO! no! most certainly not! i hate offices! this job wouldn't put a smile on your lips, but only add wrinkles to your forehead! no! wait for a job that is FUN! okay? i really hate offices.) call me crazy, but this is what i do sometimes. i lead imaginary conversations with.. myself. with her within me.

she isn't lost. but she also isn't me anymore. luckily, i dont start to cry when someone steals my toy at this time being. and i started to brush my hair. i even learned to control my anger - i learned so many things.

but i still cant let go of the thought that she was wiser than i will ever be...

love, luka.


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Thank you so much Luka!
It's nice to have you here :)

p.s : isn't she so lovely?


  1. this post reminded me of my childhood. how i am changed how and how life has changed me :)
    nice post. keep blogging:)
    much love,

  2. Yes, she is! And a fellow German. :) Great post!

  3. What a lovely girl, and what a lovely post! I agree, it's important to find our inner child even when we grow up <3

  4. She's seems awesome! PS. I'm totally diggin' her dad's shorts ;)


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