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When I was a kid....I wanted to be a figure skater and won gold medal : Sara of From Elizabeth, With Love

When we look back an old photo album, I believe there are so many memories of our childhood that make us smile just to remember them. And today, Sarah of From Elizabeth With Love is here only for you and share her life when she was a kid.


When I was a kid…

I was obsessed with horses.  I rode horses, stayed up past my bedtime to read about horses (Pony Pals, anyone?!), went to horseback riding camp, and begged my parents to have one of my own (they found this hilarious).  I tried horseback riding again 10 years later this past February and it was miserable.  I guess I lost my touch!

I wanted to be best friends with the Olsen twins.  I watched all of their sitcoms (Full House & Two of a Kind!), had all their “You’re Invited” movies on VHS, and was even a member of their fan club!  I used to have a huge poster of Mary Kate & Ashley in my room…I probably got rid of it once I was “too cool” for them in middle school…but if I had that poster today I’d proudly display it!

I wanted nothing else but a puppy.  I begged my parents daily…but they were too busy raising three young kids to even think about a new family member!  Even though we’re all grown up, we still haven’t gotten a dog…it’s one of the first things I’m going to do once I have my own place!

I wanted to be Tara Lapinski.  Who didn’t!?

What were you like as a kid?


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I think Sara's photo with her yellow frame heart-shape glasses made her the coolest kid on the block :)
So, visit her and make a new friend.

From Elizabeth, With Love


  1. I love these stories! And the glasses are awesome!

  2. this series is just the best.

  3. This is cute a cute series!

    I wanted a horse when I was little and was convinced one would fit in our small suburban yard...not!

    I would love to participate in this series :) my email is if I am a good fit.

  4. That picture of her is so cute!!


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