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When I Was A Kid....I Figured Out That Math Is Not My Thing : Courtney From Thoughts from the Birdhouse

If you read Courtney's blog (which you should), you'll find out that she's funny and sharp. This angry bird is just so full of spirit. And she's a swimmer, how cool is that??? And today, she's sharing with us her childhood memory. Without further ado....

Hello everyone! I'm Courtney, and I blog over at Thoughts From the Birdhouse. Niken asked me to guest post about the good ole days, so here goes nothin' ;)

I can distinctly remember the phases I went though during my childhood, and I've always been the kid with a plan regarding what I wanted to be when I grew up. 

There was the time in kindergarten when I thought being an astronaut would be so cool. 

Then I realized math was not my thing. 

There was the time I wanted to be a veterinarian. 

Then I realized the sight of blood made me sick. It's too bad that the veterinarian thing won't work out.. I was planning on going to vet school in New Zealand and everything. Boo, blood.  

There was the time I dreamed of being a ballerina. I even asked my mom if I could go to a ballet boarding school in Boston {she said no}.

Then I realized that I'm also an uncoordinated, ungraceful fool.

There was the time where I lived and breathed soccer and all I could think about was playing for Carolina and making the US Women's National Team.

Then I hurt my knee and became a swimmer instead. Tragic, really. 

Anyways, somewhere along the line I realized that maaaaybe I should go into a field that I'm actually good at. Well.. what am I good at? 

I'm still working on that part, but I think it's English. English has always been my best subject in school, my baby, my pride and joy. Just ignore the math test scores and focus on the English ones. I'm that annoying grammar cop on Facebook, always correcting my friends' their/they're/there mistakes. I really don't think it's that difficult to figure out, but that's beside the point. 

So, what can I do with English? Well, I definitely don't want to be a teacher. My patience level is just not where it needs to be for that job and that's a fact. 

Right now, the solution I've come up with involves non-profits. I've always wanted to work towards helping humanity, not just work to work. The goal is to combine English and service and start a non-profit company that promotes literacy in impoverished communities.

We'll see how that goes.

Thanks for letting me guest post Niken! You're a doll :)

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  1. That is awesome! Find something you love and go with it. Go you!! :)

  2. Glad she guest posted!! Got to meet her! :)

    Math was never my strongest either when I was in school but not I love it. Wierd!

  3. Math was and is never gonna be my favorite subject. it's not my strong suit either and i didn't enjoy it in school. haha

  4. Gosh I had the hardest time finding your blog! Haha! But I wanted to make sure I returned the follow :) Have a great day! And thanks for stopping by Me + the Moon!


  5. Love your blog! So cute!

    Stopping by from GFC hop! Love for you to return the follow when you can. I am hosting Like Me on Facebook later tonight and all day tomorrow. Love for you to link up this week ;)

  6. Hey girl! I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I'm one of the co-hosts! Thanks for linking up!

    Looking forward to getting to know you better! :)



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