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What to share and not to share

As I read lots of personal blogs, I can see there are people who are pretty extrovert that they write almost everything about themselves in their blogs. From daily routines, fights with their partners/husbands, heartaches from love relationships, stupid things they've done, political views,religion, bad childhood, sex life, romance and all. And there are several people who choose to not share the details. No name, no pictures. Just words. And there are people who filter what they share. They share some parts of their live and keep the other. I'm in this later group.

I choose not to share the detail of my personal life downs, because I want to share happiness. Maybe some people think it's like I'm hiding something or trying to prove something. I don't try to portray my life as a perfect life without tears, angers, doubts or angst. The thing is I want to share happiness. I believe it's contagious. And trust me, there are lots of down-low time and breakdowns of my life in the past 3 months. It's just giving details to the bad times, means I might involve other people and that might cause impacts to them.

I share some things about myself, but there are things that I choose not to share on the blog. The things that I don't share are the things that I don't feel appropriate, comfortable to share, as well as the things that I just don't want to tell publicly. And there are of course some things that I don't share because I want to keep them that way. I don't feel it's appropriate to write about fights that I have with someone. I don't want to share about my personal relationship frankly. At least for now. One day, maybe. I don't talk about politics or faith because I don't feel comfortable about it and I think my blog is not the right place for it. However, I don't mind to share lessons that I've learned or stupid things that I've done.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to judge or accuse people who share what I don't share on my blog with wrong sentence even though I have a strong opinion on several issues about what's appropriate or not to share on a blog or any social media. Once I read a loooong debate on someone's blog because she felt she was attacked by people who read her post about religion. She had a strong opinion and people commented. I think it's a personal choice about what you want to share on you blog, but you must realize that personal choice causes feedbacks too.  I'm just curious.

What do you think is off limits to share on the blog and what's not?
What do you expect to read from someone else's personal blog?


  1. I think people have the right to share whatever they want, but I may choose not to follow them if I find too personal, I don't WANT to look in to someones marriage issues, even if they feel comfortable talking about it. Essentially people should be able to share what they like on their blog, just don't think I am obligated to read it.

    For me personally I will only share something that I am comfortable with my boss, grandfather, and 7 year old nephew all reading, because the internet is a public place and a LOT of people have had problems from oversharing. I think this needs to be taught in schools these days!

  2. Also, I fully agree...I like to share the happy stuff because whats the point in dwelling over the bad stuff! I want to look back at my blog and see happy memories!

    1. Positive outlook make the difference, isn't it?
      Thanks for sharing your thought :)

  3. I share quite a bit. I do this bc it's my outlet. However, I do not air my dirty laundry or talk about my intimate life. I think people should share whatever they feel. And I agree with you that when you open up your life to comments you need to prepared for anything and everything that's going to come your way.

  4. As you might know I share my struggles and my pain. Originally, I did not want to do this. But then my life took a rollercoaster ride down. I wanted my blog to be a happy place. But somewhen during my struggles I realized that my blog did not represent me who I was at this point. And it felt so good just to write it down. Honestly, I am so happy up when some people actually read my blog AND comment, but this blog is for me. In want to look back and see what I accomplished. Yet, I certainly don't share everything. There's a limit.

    1. I don't mind and I don't judge people who share their sadness at all. and sometimes by sharing it we can get the strength. it's just don't feel comfortable to share the detail of my sadness times. and you know what Anne? you share your struggles, and that represent courage and effort. you're a strong person!

  5. I am in your category too, but I kinda envy those who share. Even when I write like how I talk, which can sometime be vulgar, I feel weird. I think it's the whole future job search thing. But then again, don't people want to see a little personality? I also hesitate to share because personal things usually involve others and I don't feel comfortable putting the lives of others out there, even if I leave out a name, friends will know who I am referencing and it's not quite fair.

    1. sometimes i envy those who can do that too. but everytime i tried to write down my own sad story, i just couldn't. haha. and i do feel the same about involving others lives into it. sometimes it's just too much to risk.

  6. Yeah, I totally agree, Niken. I mean, I share some things too but I don't feel comfortable to share very personal things on my blog. I am a very private person so it's even surprising to me that I share pictures etc. :) But there's definitely a limit.

    1. i'm a very introverted too. and i'm really surprised how i've changed a bit through this blog :)

    2. Yeah, me too! It is really surprising!

  7. I don't necessarily think anything is off limits for me on my blog, but I definitely would never judge anyone who wrote about something I disagreed with. For example I'm pro choice and I know a lot of people aren't so if someone were to write about my being pro choice as wrong, I'd disagree but keep my mouth shut. People can have their own opinions. For my blog I try to keep it light and entertaining mostly because that's how my regular life is. I'm lucky in that I don't suffer from anxiety or depression, I dont have the stresses of the unemployed, I don't have kids. I'm not perfect either but I blame that on hormones :)

    I love your blog and feel genuinely that we are friends. It's give and take, and I gladly take what you share with us (me), and can only hope you do the same.

    Bottom line it's your blog and no one can take that away or tell you what you share is wrong, not sincere, sugar coated, etc.

  8. Hmmm, good question. Personally, I filter quite a bit on my blog. I do occasionally share angry thoughts, but it's pretty rare because I feel like I have an image, and that's what peoplw want to read. (Besides, most of the time I feel like writing about happy things and not dwelling on the negative.)

    As for other people, I'm open to reading pretty much anything. Really anything can be shared imo, although if it concerns other people on a deeply personal level they should perhaps be notified? I don't know.

    haha, this was pretty rambly and I apologise... but thanks for the thought-provoking question!


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  10. I've been thinking about what you wrote a lot lately, too. What do I share on my blog?
    At first it was meant to be a place where I wanted to share our adventures with family and friends after moving far away from them. But over time it became more, it became my place to express myself. So of course I'm wondering all the time what to share and what not.
    I want it to be a happy place, but I also want it to be real, a real person with all the ups and downs everybody else has.
    But sharing the struggles mostly means to involve other people in it, and I don't want that. So there are hints here and there at what doesn't work so well to stay real without sharing anything that just shouldn't be said in public. I rather say too little than too much. Not easy sometimes though.
    In the end everybody has to decide for themselves what to put out there and where their limits are, I guess.

  11. I think so too.
    I choose to share the good things life teaches me :)

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  12. This is something I've been thinking about a lot since I started my travel blog.

    I never thought I would start a "personal" blog, because I'm honestly kind of boring and a blog about my life would be super boring, I think. I have a book blog, which is more my style. But because I will be traveling and not in my typical, everyday life, I hope to make it interesting. I'm trying to emphasis that my blog isn't just about me, but about where I'm living and what I'm doing. Even in my about me page, I didn't put a lot of stuff!

    I feel like a lot of personal bloggers sometimes over share about aspects of their lives and then get upset when people critique them. That's why I want to hold back and not put my whole life and all my baggage out there!

  13. Good topic! I don't judge anyone for over-sharing or under-sharing. I think that it's up to each individual! I personally think that some restraint is nice, but I won't sugar coat either. I have mentioned at times when Will and I have had a little tiff, but I share how we fixed it and grew instead of being negative. I think a positive attitude makes all the difference!

  14. I share almost everything but mostly whatever i can make funny.

  15. I like your blogging philosophy. I like to share happiness, too, or things that others can relate to. More personal details are for family, friends, and bloggers...through email. :)


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