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oh yeah...Deutchland! Deutchland!

after some times out and about, i finally got back to sweet old Jogja. it's a good feeling coming back home although i'm a bit sad that this season of the reality show i work for has over. my friends think i'm sick because at the end of every season, i always miss working. i feel work-sick as in homesick. see how sick iam? i just love doing the show so much.

but on the other hand, being at home means that i don't have to move every few days and i can sleep whenever i want, stay as late as i want, being a lazy ass by sucking time watching tv shows all night long, sleep at 4.30 am every morning and sleep all day. iam totally a bat right now because this month, the best thing about being not moving from one city to another is that i can watch Euro 2012!!!

i missed most of the group play off games, but tonight it's the quarter final game between Germany vs Greece. and yes, i'm cheering for Germany. and yes, that's been going since World Cup 2002. finally! Americans are not into football. my producer never watches football in his life, and he has no idea who Cesc Fabregas is. and watching football alone is not fun. 

as fun as and as excited as the football game, it is a little depressing watching it because these players are young and successful and they already have reached the highest level of their career. Like Thomas Muller here, he's the same age as me (i'm just couple of months older than him). he's going to be 23 in a couple of months and is a billionaire and is a successful young man. some of them not even 20 or in their really early 20's and they're successful already. dang it! 

okay. let's skip that part because in an hour the game will start and i'm gonna stay up all night long and hopefully Germany will make it through the semifinal, then they'll go to final and finally win this Euro after lost it to Spain in 2008. let's not let that happen, because everytime Germany lost in a football championship i cried myself out like a baby. i'm not a cry person, but Euro 2008 was the worst time for me. i couldn't even look at the newspaper or watch the news on television because it was too much pain. but still, if Germany doesn't win, Spain better get that trophy because Spain is my 2nd favorite. but those Germans better get it this time! 

are you into football match? who are you cheering for this Euro 2012?

update : 4-2 for Germany's victory. they come!


  1. I didn't know you worked in TV. That's awesome! I watch soccer/football when the hubby is home, but not so much now that he's gone.

  2. In Germany right now, cheering on Germany :) They played spectacularly last night! That's really cool that you work in TV - it sounds like fun, actually! So the work-sick thing makes sense hehe

  3. suchhhh an awesome game!! SCHLANDD!

  4. thank you so much for your encouraging comment on my blog and also for being brave enough to follow me as one of the first people :) it makes me very happy to have people come by. i truly like your blog and i am glad that you led me here :)

    best wishes from luka


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