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i cannot not tell this story about Edo

i wish there's more intresting thing happen lately in my life except work and how i still try to figure out a way to be in 3 different places at the same time. intriguing? well, beside those work's craziness, i cannot not tell you about Edo. he's one of my best friend and the most sloppiest person i've ever known. he's so calm in facing his troubles as the results of his own negligences. but it's a very slender difference between calm and careless. of course Edo has many aspects of personality, but as this post's purpose is to entertain, let it be about his foolish and omission that lead us to laugh a bit or a lot, and get to know him a little.

one thing that has become a national agreement about Edo among us is that he is slow. one day, we wanted to surprise a friend in her birthday. so we made an appointment to gather in one spot in front of our campus building. after that we would go to her. and just when everyone had arrived, of course Edo had not. he texted us that he's still at home with Ucha. with not much consideration, we decided to left without them and let them catch up with us in the next destinatination. when we got to our 2nd destination, we found out that our birthday friend had left the place. and by the time we got to the 2nd destination, Edo texted that he had arrived in the meeting point in front of the campus building. we told him we just arrived to the 2nd destination. he said he was off to the 2nd place. we told him we were about to leave to a cafe to get to our birthday friend. by the time we got to the cafe, Edo texted again that he's in the 2nd destination now. we told him we're already in the cafe. then we sang birthday song, we celebrated and surprised our birthday friend. a few hours later, we were already at our own houses. and guess, yes, by the time everyone had got home Edo texted us, he's in the cafe.

second thing about him is that he's so used to a misfortune. he had this old Honda CB motorcycle and one day we were driving to go somewhere. he was in the front, ahead all of us and i was right behind him. in the middle of the road, i saw his rearview mirrors just fell off to the ground. but he didn't seem to mind. i catched him and told him what just happened when he just said to me calmly, "well, let them go". i laughed until i hurt my stomach. other occasion about him, his CB bike and misfortune happened not long after that in the college parking lot. when we got to the parking lot, we found out that his bike handhandle steer was broken. it was made from iron and it was broken. we assumed that someone accidentally made his bike fell off and then broke the handhandle. from more than 500 motorbikes in the parking lot, it happened to his bike. another misfortune? when they went to Sempu island for vacation, they were playing, swinging from a tree branch and then jump to the sea. the other 14 people who did that were safe and sound, but when Edo swung, the branch broke and fell on his shoulder. made him bleed. believe me with misfortune thing now?

the third thing about him, i don't know what to call it. one day we went to meet a local film-maker. Edo was wearing shoes. we went to this friend's office. after that, we went to an old movie theater. this was when we, not Edo, realized that now he was wearing slippers. not his shoes. when we asked him where were his shoes, now that he realized he left his shoes. just great. and when i told my friends a about how i was left by Panji like in this post, everyone was laughing in disbelief except, yes Edo. his response was, "oh, that. i've done that too before".

i think that's enough laugh in one post.


  1. I think I would like Edo :)

  2. haha. don't worry Inga. we still like him too :)

  3. oowww. . .you make me shy. haha

    inga: we could make a 5 minutes conversation and you will killng me. LOL .

  4. LOL
    This is what u told me before kkk
    Poor Edo :( hihi
    Oneday i'll write some fortune of u my big bro :D


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