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from Avril Lavigne to Marilyn Manson to Nicholas Cage/Piere Bouvier

talking about my junior high - high school time, we can't not relate to Avril Lavigne. back in junior high i thought she's one of the coolest girl ever existed in the world. she looked ignorant, different and original. when other {female} singers wanted to be Britney, she appeared and gave something really fresh. even that my first love is The Corrs, through my 13 years old eyes, Avril was definitely cool. she came out with t-shirt and high converse {my favorite items}, and she played guitar and skate board! in short, i loved her!

but then she evolved. i know, i know. people are growing up and they have every right to change. but might i say that i love the old Avril back in her Let Go debut album than Avril now. and when i saw this video of her, surprisingly, when i looked at her, instantly, she reminded of Marilyn Manson. up until this very second, i still think she looks like Marilyn Manson in this appearance.

and speaking of Marilyn Manson, even that i like some of his musics and all, i think sometimes his stage performance is kinda creepy. with make-ups and all. but when, if you look, he's not wearing make-up, he looks like Nicholas Cage.

and when i look again to his without-make-up photo below, i think he's also look like Piere Bouviere of Simple Plan.

i feel so pop-cultured by posting this.


  1. Oh my gosh, girl, my dad listened to The Corrs ALLLL the time, so i kind of fell in love with them when I was in middle school/jr high! I've since grew away from them a little but I still like a couple of their albums. When I mention them to people they are like "uh...The Corrs who??"

  2. it's funny that manson looks like nicholas cage without all of the makeup! good comparison!

  3. He totally looks like Nic Cage! How odd!


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