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kind of amazed by this not-really-existed tranquil cottage

making a film is a mix of a lot artwork. so many artists involve in a film project. not just the story and cinematography, but also the decor, set, lights, make-up, hair, wardrobe, production management and so on and so on. one of the most important team is the art team. they responsible for everything that can be seen in a scene. the location set, wardrobe, make-up. they simply create the visions of the director of what you may call dream comes true.
one of my favorite set of house in a film is the small cozy cottage in The Holiday. i love the Rosehill cottage that belongs to Iris (played by Kate Winslet) in the film. the first time i saw the cottage, i knew i fell in love with it. i could live there. and if i had to choose between big-giant-lux house of Amanda in LA to the cottage, i'd definitely choose the cottage.
talking about the cottage, sadly, it's not really existed. it's actually a set, built by the art film crew 2 weeks before the shoot. they even created this christmast-y look by added fake snow. and the lovely tree in the garden. see how crazy we are? film-maker, i mean. we make things exsisted! hhhaa.

Images via Hooked On Houses


  1. ha, the holiday is the best!!! i just adore that movie. i wish that this town was real. it was just so perfect. and it made me want to visit europe so badly! adore!!
    xo TJ

  2. definitely. i love that Rosehill cottage.too bad it's not real...thanks for stopping by

  3. i love this movie! and yes, that house is perfect. it exists in my dreams (: !!


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