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How do you like cupcakes?

These tiny little things. I love it not only for the taste, but also for the beautiful appearance of the cakes. It's not jus a cake anymore, but baking totally is a work of art.

flowers in pot

bee and flowers

cartoon figures

Wedding cupcakes

how do you like it?

pots of cupcakes

cookies in cupcakes

Do you think have seen them all? Think again....
Check out Cupcakes Take The Cake to see more. There were some cupcakes inspired by Prince William-Kate Middleton wedding, and Princess Beatriece's hat. Lots of cute and pretty cupcakes.
Enjoy yours.

ice cream...cake...

cartoon figures are popular

i love the colors and the look

Looking at the looks makes me wonder about the taste. Imagine....

Well, I'm not kind of girl who's baking or cooking. I told my mom I would cook or bake only in an emergency situation. But seeing these good-looking cakes, make me re-think about that. Maybe I would bake. Sometime. If there's time....:P

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