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Book Review : About Pride and Prejudice

Title : Pride and Prejudice
Author : Jane Austen
Page : 585
New Edition Published : 2011

When Elizabeth Bennet first time met Mr. Darcy at the dance party, she could think of him but a snob obnoxious man. He had cold manner and seemed not likely to talk to anyone else around him, except from his own social environment. He was rich, of course-very rich, thought Elizabeth, which made him think he was too good for everyone else. Mr. Darcy was a best friend of Charles Bingley, the man who Jane, Elizabeth's eldest sister had crush then totally fell in love with. Charles Bingley and his family and friends came from the city, as he rented a house for summer in Netherfield Park.

As Mr. Bingley seemed to have the same feeling as Jane to him, the meeting frequent between them, Bingley, Jane, Elizabeth, Darcy, and Bennet family became more often. By that time, Elizabeth becaming more hate Darcy in every way. The mas was so cruel and never cared for anyone else. She didn't really like Bingley's sister as well, as she always tried to fake her sympathy for her, and tried to charmed Mr. Darcy in all way she could think of. "Poor girl", Elizabeth said quietly one day, when she observed that Mr. Darcy had no intention to the Bingley's sister.

When Elizabeth's mom pretty occupied with her thought that Jane's engagement and wedding with Mr. Bingley was really near and would be in anytime soon, she became to buble every now and then, in front of everyone. Sometimes, Elizabeth noticed, her mom could say inappropriate things in front of people. Her mom had her own accounting obsession about the amount of money her future-son-in-law-could-be made per year. In the other hand, Elizabeth and her sisters met a soldier named Wickham. This mas told them a very bad story about Mr. Darcy, which made Darcy's reputation in Elizabeth's eyes more less respectable.

But, Jane who was totally fell in love must drank her misery, when she found out that Mr. Bingley and all his family and friends left for London, without saying anything to her. Jane still hoped he would come again with the winter. But he didn't. As Jane tried to dealing with her broken heart and went with her aunt to another city, Elizabeth had her own adventure and discovered painful truth. She found out that Mr. Bingley's departure and his break-up with Jane, was something had to do with Mr. Darcy. She visited her friend, and the wife of her cousin, where she met again with Mr. Darcy there. She was very surprised when Mr. Darcy, the coldest man she ever knew, told her he loved her and he wanted to marry her.

Full with anger and prejudice, Elizabeth refused him and said some bad things to him. The most thing that made her so angry with the mas was he wasn't seem to feel guilty about what he had done with Bingley and Jane. He didn't deny he had something to do with the term. After that night, Elizabeth thought a lot about Mr. Darcy. On her way, she found more than just her prejudice and one man's talk about Mr. Darcy, which made her way to see the man changed forever. And more dangerously, she knew deep in her heart, she had fallen in love with him. She thought about Jane as well. But how would she fix the things between her and Mr. Darcy, as she had no courage to look at him in the eye after all?

Austen's thought about women's freedom and right is clearly seen in Elizabeth character. Austen made her as a clever girl from middle family. Her social standing didn't rope her to say her mind. Elizabeth was an independent girl, but she still kept her manner. The way she thought about things was more modern than people around her. What makes me like old story like this is the view of people's life at the time. I like to imagine how the women bailed with their flowing dress, and the men believed that one thing they had that's worth more was their honor. And the way 2 people fell in love with each other was something natural. They could steal a blink or two and mingled with the family, not only to the person they fell in love with.

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